It’s Never Too Late. . .

To restore your immune system. We are into cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere, a time when a round of colds and flu sweep along our path, and this year we have the “C” thing hovering around. If you haven’t been doing this, it’s time to amp up your immune system – and develop a practice to keep it up.

Most of us have been required to wear a “muzzle” to work or for other essential purposes. And many of you forget to remove it when driving or taking a bath. This covering has been known to suppress your immune system and since you have been wearing it for 6 months, you are F*CKED. However, taking supplements has long been advised as an effective method to enhancing or rebuilding your immunity. A good source for this information is Dr Joseph Mercola ( The recommended immune system supplements are: a multi strain probiotic, D3, C and zinc sulfate. Follow the dosage information on the bottle or research Dr Mercola’s website.

I have taken zinc sulfate for many years, long before the “C” was ever mentioned. In the last four years, I have only had one case of a cold and that was received on the Durango-Silverton train. Three young urchins were in the seat in front of us, pink-cheeked, snotty noses and simultaneously sneezing in our direction. Pretty much like being at ground zero during the Hiroshima drop.  You’re not gonna avoid getting sick.

Keeping Cold-Eze on hand is also helpful for when you get a bit of a tickle in your throat that might become something. These lozenges contain zinc gluconate and they really help shut down the start of something or reduce the severity.

Now mind you, I am not a medical doctor, but I do plenty of research and would never recommend something I have not done myself. However, I am very healthy and intend to stay that way. It is never too late to do something healthful and supportive of your body. Take good care!

One thought on “It’s Never Too Late. . .

  1. Great advice. I am still laughing about people who wear a mask in the bathtub. I see people driving alone in their cars wearing a mask!!! What?????

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