About The Site

If you landed on this website hoping for an explanation of your problem poop, well. . .I recommend you talk to your doctor. Loving your sh*t is about our emotional poop. We all have baggage of some kind, whether it be childhood wounds, trauma, low self-esteem, our bodies, the way we look, fighting the aging stigma, the list goes on.

I have my share of emotional sh*t. I am a firm believer in self-help, because, a) only you know you, and b) no one else is going to do it for you. Loving your sh*t is doing the healing work and getting to the state of absolutely loving You no matter what the outcome. Yes, you are absolutely lovable. I know this, because I got there.

I am sharing my journey with you to help you live a joyful life. Subjects range from menopause to beauty, fashion to design, self-healing to metaphysics. I am a 50-something woman, transitioning through menopause, and I ain’t frumpy or dead yet.

Mostly I just hope to make you laugh. My humor is snarky and contains a liberal dose of profanity.  I realize that’s not for everyone, but it damn sure works for me.

Welcome to Loving Your Sh*t.