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a message from Kryon  channeled by Lee Carroll Sunday, 27 September, 2020 SPIRIT LIBRARY o help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added or condensed. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed […]

Kryon * Secret in the Room — Higher Density Blog

Life Is New Every Day | Heavenletters — Rainbow Wave of Light — Higher Density Blog

God said: What would it take for you to let go of suffering? What is suffering anyway? Suffering is an alarm that goes off. Suffering serves to give you headache and heartache. Suffering is a kind of self-medication that you take a big dose of. It would seem that My children accept suffering more readily […] […]

Life Is New Every Day | Heavenletters — Rainbow Wave of Light — Higher Density Blog


I listened to this excellent video from Lorie Ladd: Facebook , where she speaks of learning to “stand in the Fire and not get burned”. What does this mean?

The Ascension energies are ramping up and moving through every aspect of life. You are being shown your inner demons, wounds, unresolved trauma, everything that has held you back from being your highest and best self. And you know what? There is no longer any place to run to and hide. No more putting this off, ignoring, denying or enacting any other coping mechanism. It is time to dig deep and heal once and for all.

It’s not easy, which is why you’ve been in denial all this time. But it will be worth it. No one can do this for you. No one can tell you how to do this. It must come from within. You can access your spiritual guides for assistance, but because of free will it is still up to you.

You may be triggered in all areas of your life. What is the common theme? Do you always feel “less than”? Work from within, not “well, this person needs to act this way”. So why do they act this way towards you? Is it because you have let them cross your boundaries? Do you let them tell you what to do? Only you are in charge of your body, mind, heart and soul. Healing yourself into assertiveness is not becoming a bully – that’s just another layer to heal.

Running away only delays the healing process and will continue to put you in situations until you do. “Same tune, different words.” It is time to face the Fire.

When Swearing Just Isn’t enough

I am fluent in F*ckenese. If you have been following me, you already know this and don’t mind a little spice with your spirituality and inspiration. Swearing is an expression of severe or instant emotion that ranges from “oh, rats!” to “motherf*ckin’ s.o.b!”. It is an effective method of getting that emotion out of your body instead of letting it rot in there and morph into disease. Yes, unexpressed emotions are carried within the cellular level, and if unresolved, cause you many problems. Not the least of which, is the inability to swear.

Aside from the release of emotion, swearing is useful in getting someone’s attention. I wrote about this in the beginning of my book “Phucenschitt – Spirituality For People Who Swear” Phucenschitt: Spirituality For People Who Swear: Fry, Lorrie K: 9798620707201: Books If you need help, yelling “HELP!” is often ignored as most people don’t want to get involved with your problem. But if you yelled “hey motherf*cker, move your fat ass!”, you will likely get their attention. And if they come running to you, then you might get their assistance with your problem. Sad that life has gotten to the point where we have to piss someone off to get their help.

Swearing can also teach us something about ourselves. For example: you get a flat tire on the way to work. You jump out of the car, kick the lump of rubber and swear the air blue. Then you change the tire, or call a friend or tow truck, and go on with your day. It may have been a random occurrence. But what if it was a signal of something else? Has that nail been in your tire for weeks and you just ignored it? Have you been driving through a construction zone and hoping for a flat tire so you didn’t have to go to work? Perhaps this is a life review for you to figure out why you are avoiding responsibility.

Do you swear when life events get you down and then tell yourself that life sucks and you will never have/do/be whatever it is you are after? This might be a life review to learn to be self-sufficient and resilient. If you can learn to weather the storm of simple things like a flat tire, then you will learn skills that will get you past them easily. Resiliency is the best life skill to develop. Then when big events, like a job loss, come along you’ll be able to make good decisions and take action steps to get through them.

Even if you still need to cuss like your foot is on fire.

Your Going to Have to Choose – James Gilliland – March 03 2021 — saintandrewstwinflame — Higher Density Blog

THE LATEST FROM ECETI ECETI.ORG Your Going to Have to Choose It is now increasingly obvious even to the most socially engineered critical thinking and research impaired that not just  America, the whole world is in trouble. The take down America plan fueled by the CCP and the global elite carried out by corrupt politicians […] […]

Your Going to Have to Choose – James Gilliland – March 03 2021 — saintandrewstwinflame — Higher Density Blog

Consciousness Leaders Roundtable – 2/14/2021 — Star Nations News℠

Click the original video or article link here >>> Powerful Roundtable (BANNED) Several consciousness leaders discuss what’s going on with the world currently. Source: If you like the information you find here,please consider making a donation! Click the DONATE button now! Also SUBSCRIBE to receive notification of more news!

Consciousness Leaders Roundtable – 2/14/2021 — Star Nations News℠

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: If You Are Feeling Lost… — Golden Age of Gaia — Higher Density Blog

February 18, 2021, My beloved brothers and sisters, if you are feeling lost in these times, it is a sign that you have awakened, that your journey between 3D and 5D is truly advancing at speed. If you are feeling lost, it is a sign that you are a lightworker who has disconnected… Jennifer […]

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: If You Are Feeling Lost… — Golden Age of Gaia — Higher Density Blog

WHAT ARE ASCENSION SYMPTOMS? * Open Discussion Call: 2-18-21 – byDerek Knauss — Higher Density Blog

Posted by rev.joshua skirvin on February 19, 2021  ASHTAR COMMAND CREW Source Prepare for Change has a new discussion group for the purpose of connecting like-minded people in weekly zoom calls. Now is a time of The Great Awakening to new realities and truth. PFC’s mission is to create a new and abundant Cosmic Society with higher consciousness by assisting in […]

WHAT ARE ASCENSION SYMPTOMS? * Open Discussion Call: 2-18-21 – byDerek Knauss — Higher Density Blog

Finding The Pieces


I love jigsaw puzzles. They are like therapy and provide me with a relaxing time to contemplate many things. I’ve made a lot of decisions while puzzle-working. I can admit that I am good at them and can do some in a few hours. When I was a child, my great-grandparents had several puzzles – which started my love of them – and I discovered that three of them were cut from the same jig. So I assembled them one on top of the other. Just because.

I think that puzzles are like the journey of our life. Just as there are many different puzzles, so are there chapters of our life. You pick one based upon the picture on the box, just as you would choose a life path based upon the picture you wished to create. Then you begin the process of assembly. You first pick out the edge pieces. This might equate to a romantic partner or career choice. Then you work on the inner portions of the puzzle, carefully picking through the pile to find the pieces that fit. These are like the actions you take towards building your life. It might be education or skill building. Maybe dating and choosing your life partner.

It takes time, patience and dedication. Sometimes the pieces get distressed. Like the day I spilled my cocktail and several pieces suffered some damage. After they dried off, I had to glue the layers back together. They were a little rough, but still fit in the puzzle. Life can be like that too. A little messy, a little rough, but it still fits. Eventually, you fit the last piece into place and you see the whole picture. Maybe you have a celebration for your life picture. And then it’s time to do another puzzle or chapter.

I chose a big puzzle this time. I tend to like 750-1,000 pieces and can complete them in a day or two, depending on the complexity. Sometimes they take longer. I decided I needed a challenge, so I went with 2,000 and an interesting picture. It will keep me busy and give me lots of time to contemplate my life’s chapter. It’s all about finding the right pieces.


An Ancient Mountain * by Pamela Kribbe and Ascended Master Mary Magdalene — Higher Density Blog

Posted by Steve Hutchinson on February 15, ASHTAR COMMAND CREW An Ancient Mountain By Pamela Kribbe & Ascended Master Mary Magdalene Dear friends, I am Mary Magdalene. I am in your midst, not far away from you, but very, very close, closer than two bodies can be together – I am in your heart. I feel your […]

An Ancient Mountain * by Pamela Kribbe and Ascended Master Mary Magdalene — Higher Density Blog