Livin’ On A Prayer

pray-1639946_1280Did you know that worry is a form of prayer? And that you can actually manifest what you are worrying about? YIKES. Worry is really just fear turned into the belief that something might happen. I’ve read this statement somewhere: FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Appearing real. Simply the perception that something isn’t what you want.

Why do we worry and live in a state of anxiety most of the time? Usually because we don’t feel like we have control. We want a certain outcome, but sometimes expect that we won’t get what we want.

It’s time to build our faith and trust. That can mean many things to many different people. For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to limit this to just something bigger than us. I’ll say the “Universe” as it is my belief. I’ve written quite a bit about Manifesting, which includes faith and trust. Building your faith and trust in manifestation takes time and practice. A good method of practice is praying.

Praying does not have to be a formal ritual or on your knees, head bowed. Nothing wrong with those things, but there are times we you need a boost and can’t get to that place. You could be driving down the freeway and a car comes swerving up beside you, and no matter your belief system, you burst out with “please don’t let that car hit me!” (Although most of us would swear the air blue. That, too, could be a form of prayer.)

Praying is simply words requesting help to achieve an outcome. You can think them. You can speak them out loud. You can scream them at the top of your lungs. You can cry or laugh along with the words. If it is heartfelt, then the Universe is going to hear you and set in motion whatever is for your highest and best good, even if it might not be what you expect. Prayer is also having the faith that everything will work out for the best. Pray often. There are no limits to the frequency or timeframe of your prayers.

Spend your days Livin’ On A Prayer. It worked for Tommy and Gina.A0A285B0-5C6C-4A1E-B047-0F7FA41EEA6B[1]

You Become What You Eat

yoga-429718_640It is difficult to listen to any advice about what to eat these days. Everyone has an opinion, everyone has a new diet, and everyone still eliminates it all in the same way.

You have to know your body, and you have to pay attention to how it reacts to what you put inside of it. Everyone is different so it stands to reason that we all need different things.

Mainly, I think that the least amount of chemicals we ingest the better we will feel. Too many chemicals usually leads to more chemicals to try to fix them. And then we wonder why we feel like sh*t most of the time and the medical world wants to give us even more chemicals. But that’s a tangent that I’m not going to go off on.

Here is what I’ve learned about food:

Water, water, water. It’s not about your skin as so many would have us believe. My skin is dry as a bone and I suck down water all day long. Water makes you pee, end of story. Peeing purges toxins so think of it as taking a bath from the inside out. Adding a squeeze of fresh lemon, FRESH – not that stuff in the plastic lemon, boosts the toxin release. Try it. You’ll pee more.

To continue the elimination topic. I know, gross, but that’s life. Vegetables make you poop. Like water, that’s a good thing. Gets rid of, shall we say, stuck toxins. Double gross. But hey, my nurse friend told me once that if you are sick but still eat, drink, poop and pee you will live. More carrots, anyone?

Fruit and dairy give your stomach something to do. They make the vegetables work harder. Plus they taste good and can help you get over your sugar addiction. (I’m not there, yet.)

The vegans will hate me, but meat is good for you. Animal protein makes your hair grow, your fingernails strong and long and keeps your muscle tissue intact. Muscles help burn fat. Yes, they do and the shape of them makes your shape look good. Six pack abs don’t come from beer.

Eggs, eggs, eggs. Breakfast of champions. Stir in some green chili and you won’t be hungry until dinner.

Beans. I’m not really sure what purpose they serve except to entertain teenage boys.screenshot

And then my all-time favorite: grains. I love bread, or at least I used to, until I learned about chemically-modified grains. Truly scary. Grains just muck up your intestines and destroy all the work the vegetables just did. They make you swell up like a balloon and give older women hot flashes from hell.

Sugar. OH SIGH. That’s my addiction of choice. It’s in almost everything and very hard to give up. The best thing to do is limit the type and amount you put in your mouth. I get one piece of chocolate with lunch and dinner. Keeps me happy and keeps the craving at bay. Cold turkey would never work.

Whatever you eat, just think about how it would look on you. Do you want to look like a chemical diagram or a long, thin green bean?

When You Learn How To Love, You Forget How To Hate

valentines-day-3124846_1280 - CopyI was recently reading a fiction novel, and the heroine was still burned by the fact that she had caught her [now ex-] husband in flagrante delicto with another woman and then discovered he’d taken $15,000 in cash from her. It was the evening of a well-attended house party, and she proceeded to toss him out on his a$$ – bimbo included. Thus earning her a, I think, well-deserved reputation as a ball-buster. At least until the rest of the story’s characters learned the truth.

Many people, myself included, have had to deal with a cheating spouse. At the very least it is unpleasant, and perhaps did us a favor. (Yay, me.) At the very worst, it is devastating to the point of life changing and shuts off the avenue of receiving love.

As we approach Valentine’s Day, there are multitudes of reminders for acknowledging those we love. Love makes the world go ‘round, so they say, or at least the cash register. But the one we should love first is ourselves.

I believe that when we pass on, we won’t be greeted by some ancient fellow peering over the top of his readers at us, quill ready to write upon some scroll as he states “what have you done with your life?” No, I truly believe that we will be greeted by some kindly soul who inquires “how much did you love?” and reaches out with a hug.

As humans, it is so easy to shut off the flow of love. Whether it is our upbringing or situations, we can become damaged from love relationships. Fear of more pain is the first line of defense. This just causes more damage because we shut off the flow of love from the Universe. Our soul pulls back, pulls in and builds a brick wall around it to protect us from some perceived hurt. We can no longer connect with the Universe and the unending, unconditional outpouring of love that would literally fill our heart and soul with more than we can imagine. It never ceases, it never lessens, and it will never cause you pain.

love-3141228_1280 - CopyTake a big step and find a quiet space by yourself. Talk to the Universe. Pour out everything that hurts. Hand it over on a big platter. Ask the Universe to fill you with love. ALLOW IT. Do this every day until it becomes a habit. When your heart is constantly full, it becomes easier to give it to someone else. They can never take it away from you or empty you. Whether your relationship is fleeting or for a lifetime, you will always be filled with love.

So when you are asked “how much did you love?” you can answer “endlessly”.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Highs Are Not As High As The Lows Are Low

marijuana-2766343_640Colorado has a booming marijuana business. Tax revenues are in the billions, housing is going up everywhere, employment is active. The medical side, without the mild-altering THC, has many benefits: seizures, chemo patients and pain management to name a few. Perhaps it is the answer to the opioid crisis that has sent many desperate pain-ridden people into misery and homelessness.

I don’t like pot and have no need to lie about that. I tried it many years ago and learned that it was not for me. As an intuitive empath, I normally sense and read people’s emotions. Part of my life purpose is to assist with healing, so I automatically go into the mode of drawing out negative energy. People use pot typically to calm down, let go of vacuum-29951_1280stress and release negative emotions. When I was under the influence, I turned into a human vacuum cleaner and sucked up a lot of sh*t from people, leaving me in a depressed, anxious and crabby state. Pot is not for me.

I don’t really have an opinion of whether it is right or wrong. Apparently the medical version is highly [no pun intended] effective. However, it should not be used by children and young adults because of the effect on brain development. It is also detrimental and sometimes fatal to animals. But as with any sort of addiction, pot is a way of avoiding or covering up negative emotions. It is a temporary state that doesn’t lift a person up more than they were down.

It is high time to deal with our sh*t instead of getting high to avoid getting down.

Nothing outside of yourself is ever going to make you completely happy. Addictions or distractions come in many forms and typically cost money. They are temporary fixes for our pain. Look within before you look without and ask yourself “what is the source of my pain?” Seek professional help if it is not something you want to deal with on your own. Own your pain. Facing your pain is not as scary as you would think. Allow your body to release the chemical toxins associated with emotional pain by crying, shaking and even vomiting. This is normal. Tears will stop. Write about it in a journal. Nurture yourself with a warm bubble bath. A cup of herbal tea. As you work through your pain, you will find that you will begin to have less of a need to cover it up with distractions.

And then, your highs will be higher than the lows are low.

Let It Go

I’ve been seeing this theme a lot lately, which in my world means that the Universe is trying to get my attention. We know this phrase from the song. (I confess I’ve never seen the movie.) Interesting lyrics, though.fist-681847_1920

Let it go can mean many different things, but mainly to “release your grip” on something or someone. Holding on too tightly or just holding on to something that doesn’t serve you. It is all about preventing something from happening.

In Manifestation [my message from the Universe] is that you have to let go in order for the manifestation to take place. You have to trust that it will happen. Just like you trust that seeds will sprout when you plant them. Going with the seed theme; you do a lot of prep work to create fertile ground. Then you carefully tuck them into the moist dirt and cover them up. And then you leave them be until you start to see sprouts a couple of weeks later. You never go back and poke in the dirt to see if they’ve sprouted – you TRUST that they will. You just know it.

Such is the way with manifesting. You know what you want to create. You do the prep work to create the fertile ground to build your dream. You take action steps that are like planting a seed. And then you let it go so it can sprout. Yes, you need to tend to the sprouts, maybe stake them up and do similar actions with your creation. But still, you must let it go to give the Universe the opportunity to grow it bigger and better than you imagine. Your brain is like a pin dot compared to that of the Universe so why wouldn’t you let it take over and guide you?

Practice what thy preach, I say. SIGH. I’ve had a kung-fu grip (remember the GI Joe doll?) on a current dream, because I am anxiously ready for it to materialize. I had to peel open my fingers just to type this post. That should have been my first clue. So my next action step is to find something else to occupy the brain space that is obsessing over this. Time to dream up a bunch of new posts.

Let it go, let it go, let it go! Or is that snow out there?

It’s Another Tequila Sunrise

sunriseWinter sunrises are beautiful in Denver. Rich reds, vibrant oranges, deep yellows all flowing into a clear azure sky with edges of teal. It is a treat to be able to look out the window at the dawning of a new day.

Sunrises are the Universe’s way of telling you that each day is a new beginning. You wake up rested [hopefully] and your eyes are filled with color. This colored light goes deep into your cellular level and stimulates the energy system. The colors of the morning sky relate to the “earth-based” chakras.

Red to activate the Root chakra, reminding you that you are grounded to Mother Earth and are safe in her arms. Orange to awaken the sacral chakra, your center of creativity and emotions. As the orange deepens in the sky, your emotions are balanced and any that don’t serve you can be released to Mother Earth for healing. Yellow for the Solar Plexus chakra, reminding you that you own your power. As the colors move into green, so does your energy move up into the Heart Chakra, opening you to love and connection. And then to blue, the Throat chakra, giving you the ability to speak your truth, needs and wants. As the day continues to open, the energy moves up into the Third Eye and Crown chakras to connect you with your Higher Self and ultimately the Universe.

Nature serves to remind you of your Divine being.

This morning, January 31st, Nature gave us an additional show in the form of the Super Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse. I had the pleasure of watching the eclipse as I enjoyed my breakfast. The path of the Moon teaches us to manifest and release. We let go of what does not serve us in order to make room for what serves us better. If we set those intentions, life works for us instead of against us. This morning’s show kicks that power up to supersonic. If you haven’t yet set your intentions, there is still time all through the day. Give them up to the Universe to fulfill in a way that is better than you can imagine.

When you wish upon a star. . . or a Super Blood Moon.

The Men In My Closet

I know that sounds kinky. It’s not. Not even remotely. Get your mind out of the gutter.

I confess I have an attachment to fashion labels. Yes, shallow and easily swayed by a name. There is quite a crowd in my closet and I love them all. Tommy, Louis, Christian, Brian, Marc, Manolo, Franco, Michael and some I’m probably forgetting. Sorry guys. There are women there too – Kate, Cynthia, Miucci and Anna. But it seems that men are really good at creating beautiful things for women, especially shoes. I am thankful for this.

Why do women need Men In Their Closet? Yes, we know we have fourteen pairs of black shoes. Yes, we wear them all. It’s fun and it makes us feel good. When I put on a favorite outfit, I feel like I’m getting an upgrade. I smile. I stand taller. I start my day on happy

feet. A great outfit can actually turn a sh*tty day into something tolerable. Sure I look in the mirror, but why not? If. It. Makes. Me. Feel. Good. It. Is. A. Good. Thing. And if I feel good and am happy, then it radiates out to everyone around me and they feel good. Bonus!

Let’s hear it for the Boys!

The 27 Club

ship-2804074_1280I’m sure you are familiar with this; the musicians who died at the age of 27. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain. And countless others. I was just reminded of this when the radio station I listen to was planning a weekend lineup of their music.

What is so significant about the age of 27?

There is an astrological phenomenon called the “Saturn Return”, or the “get your sh*t together” time. Every 27-29 years, Saturn rolls through the skies and returns to the astrological sign it was in when you were born. The first return is the wakeup call to being a grown-up. It is the time when you face your toughest lessons, possibly a time to clean-up the sh*t storm you had been creating. It is the time to commit to your calling. Some people get the message and get on the path of good things. Oprah, Steve Jobs and JK Rowling had difficult twenty-something years and. . . well you know their successes.

Saturn is known as the taskmaster. It rules Capricorn, which is noted for goal-setting. Serious get your sh*t together stuff.

The second Saturn Return rolls around in your late fifties, but is less crazy-making than the first simply because you’ve “been there, done that” and have the wisdom to deal with it. However, it can still be stressful. How many people do you know that have divorced or remarried during this time? It is the time for your life review, to take care of unfinished business, to return to your passion and maybe just to ditch what no longer serves you. Resistance is futile or so say the Borg [Star Trek]. People who do [resist] usually check out from society, live alone and collect cats.

The third Saturn Return comes in at about age 90. If you’ve lived that long, then I’m totally bettin’ that you’ve got your sh*t together – so congratulations. Please share your wisdom with the rest of us.

Me, I’m in my second return. Saturn was in Capricorn when I was born and made me a hard-workin’ soul. Kinda over it. I’ve made quite a few changes in the last year or so that have improved my life, taught me how to relax, and that please my soul. I’ve planned for my retirement in a couple of years, oddly enough right before Saturn moves into Aquarius. Coincidence? Maybe.

I just like to think that Saturn has my back.

Finding Nemo


Do you sometimes think that you live in a fishbowl and spend all your time looking outside of the glass? Or that you are content to just swim around in circles knowing that you are in your space. Occasionally, when the cat takes a big swipe at your bowl, things get a little sideways – so to speak – and you are not sure you want to be in a fishbowl. The ocean is calling. . .Nemo. Fishbowls are made of glass so you can see all the possibilities that surround you.

Nemo got caught and put in a fishbowl, escaped, and spent the rest of the movie journeying back home. Along the way he encountered many adventures, other creatures, and even some scary experiences. His escapades served a greater purpose for him. He liked his way of life, but he had grown and was a much happier fish. (That’s my take on the story, anyway.)

Life is a series of fishbowls and we jump from one to another due to our growth, our needs and sometimes just our wants. But it is how you view your time in your fishbowl that matters. Is it a prison, a cave, paradise, and/or a window to other fishbowls?question-679997_1920

My sweetie and I have recently been looking at retirement communities. We’re not at the place where we want or even need to move. We’ve only been in our new house a year and a half and we are surrounded by all the urban things we wanted. We can easily walk to shopping, food, drink and a huge lovely lake. We are just looking outside our fishbowl and future possibilities, should the need arise to make a change.aquarium-156725_1280

What we discovered is that there are different types of retirement communities. Some are very happy, with a positive vibe, and feature resort-type living. Others simply feel like someplace you go to die, in other words, lifeless. The important part of the looking was to demonstrate that, no way in hell, are we ready for this. But there is nothing wrong in the looking. It’s like trying on swimsuits. Some of them make your a$$ look huge. Others painfully squash your boobs. And then there is that one-in-twenty that look downright awesome. That’s when you know that it is right.

So thank you, Nemo, for showing us that our fishbowls can and should change.

It Starts In The Womb

Do you ever wonder sometimes why we believe certain things when there hasn’t been an event or specific reason for the belief? For example, you grew up in a poor household and believed that was just how it was even though there was evidence around you that showed otherwise? There are always possibilities to change your life if you believe such.

So why is this?

hands-2568594_1920Studies demonstrate that babies respond to and thrive more in relation to their mother’s speaking to them while they are still in the womb. A mother’s loving and adoring speech to her belly goes straight to the developing baby. Conversely, a mother’s internal thoughts also go straight to the baby.

Every new mama has worries. She might be afraid of doing something wrong during pregnancy and harming the baby. She might worry if she will be a good mommy. But she might also have deeper issues, like how can she/they afford another baby; she wanted to do more before becoming pregnant; she’s too young or too old; it has to be a boy or girl or her husband will be disappointed; or maybe she really never wanted a child at all.

The baby absorbs these thoughts too.dna-1811955_1920

Now this isn’t to cause more anxiety for any pregnant mama. You’ll just drive yourself nuts over every little thought. Just love, and care for, and nurture the little soul.

This is really geared to our adult souls and why we might have certain beliefs.

family-gathering-3068994_1920Many of our belief systems come to us generationally and are most likely absorbed while in the womb. Just because you have them, doesn’t mean you have to keep them if you find yourself constantly stuck in a state of behavior or lack. The first step is to figure out your limiting belief.

You can then do a process of release by “burning a soul contract”. Generational beliefs are often soul agreements. Take a sheet of paper and write “I release the contract where I vowed to remain poor [or whatever your belief is] in this lifetime. I release it mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically; now and in all directions of time. I release this belief.” Then burn the paper and flush the ashes down the toilet. How does it make you feel? Do you feel lighter, more free? Take another sheet of paper and write down what aspects of your belief you would like to change. Maybe it’s save more money. Maybe purchase a home or lease a nicer apartment. List action steps that you could make to achieve these things. As you write your list, you begin to open your mind to new possibilities and reform your belief system.

Almost as though you have remade yourself – In The Womb.