Weather Or Not

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

This past Saturday, Denver experienced a massive windstorm.  Large trees uprooted, billboards and power poles blown over, and broken branches everywhere.  Thankfully, we did not have any damage and the neighborhood had minor.  Tree companies are everywhere, turning once beautiful trees into firewood.

Mother Gaia is a bit upset with the human population right now.  Storms are Her way of letting everyone know that she has had enough and damages are a way of getting our attention, as well as cleaning house.  Even if we don’t like it.  Kind of like a human mother delivering a swat when her children morph into squabbling hellions.  The hellions don’t much like it either, but they settle down rather quickly to avoid another swat.

The weather report indicated that last night was going to be stormy.  High winds – again – along with thunder, lightning and possibly hail.  Storms make me very anxious.  I suppose it comes from growing up in the tornado belt of Iowa.  I remember many a dark night huddled in the basement with my family, while twisters tore through the area.  I’ve seen significant devastation and family homes leveled.  I was never in the midst of the destruction, and I’m quite grateful for that.  Last night escalated those worries into fear.

So, I did what I tell people to do when they are in fear mode: Pray.  I asked Archangels Michael, Ariel and Jophiel to protect me, my property and my neighborhood and calm my thoughts.  I happened to be reading Alberto Villoldo’s book “Mending The Past And Healing The Future With Soul Retrieval”, about a shaman’s healing tools.  It also just so happened that I had reached the section about “tracking a new timeline”.  For example: you have just received a life-threatening diagnosis.  The shaman’s view of your timeline, or soul path, shows a 99% probability of this transpiring, but outside of that finality a 1% possibility of something different exists.  The shaman helps the patient “track” into this possibility for a different outcome.  Sort of a variation of the timeline.  There was a case study of this in the reading, where the patient’s illness subsided and he made changes to his life that basically erased the probability.  Pretty amazing.

So, I thought, why couldn’t I envision a possibility of a different outcome last night?  I created a picture in my head of a much lessened storm, good sleep and a calm morning.  And knowing that Mother Gaia controls the weather, I prayed to Her and told Her that storms scare me.  I accepted that she needed to “clean house” and release some steam, and that I accepted whatever She brought about.  I welcomed rain as it brought much-needed nourishment to plants and trees.  Then I went to sleep.

I woke up around midnight and it was raining.  No noticeable wind, nor thunder and lightning.  I woke up a couple other times in the night to a steady rain.  This morning it was still raining, and then subsided.  It is still cloudy, but the sun is poking through and the energy feels calmer.

Do I think I changed the weather?  Well, I know from living in Colorado the weather changes quickly and often.  It could be just one of those things.  If you have ever watched the tracking of a hurricane, then you know those crazy things can do anything very quickly.  I’m sure the meteorologists have explanations for this.  But I don’t discount the power of prayer.  A few years ago, a hurricane was heading dead-on to Hawaii.  A mass meditation and prayers were called for.  Within a day, the hurricane avoided the islands.

I don’t think we really know how much power we have within us.  Prayers changing medical outcomes are well-documented.  I believe we are awakening to our energetic power and need to learn how to use it.  However, we must be conscious of how we direct it. Focus on what you want, and not on what you don’t want.  It is the Law of Attraction in action.

All I know is that my fears were calmed and I slept like a baby in the arms of Mother Gaia.

Hold The Light

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I needn’t have to tell you how crazy things are.  The THING is still an issue, we’ve witnessed the awful destruction of a beautiful human’s life, which has escalated into riots, and 6 planets are in retrograde this month.  Including my dear little friend Mercury, who plans on garbling the communication even more.  It’s no wonder we are all feeling a little crabby and out-of-sorts.

You must Hold The Light.

It’s tough when negativity is beating at you every day.  Many of you are still out of work and struggling.  Those who are back at work are making up for lost time and long for the days when they could sleep in.  Signs everywhere telling you what you can and can’t do and where you need to be.  News channels incessantly blathering about gloom and doom.  I think we need to mask all news media and prevent them from speaking.

The Light will overcome the Dark, but you must Hold The Light.  By that, I mean that you must hunker down within yourself and call down the brilliant and powerful energies from the Universe.  Call down the Angels.  Call down the Ascended Masters.  Call down all the Higher Dimensional Beings available to help each and every one of us from falling into negativity.  Ask them to help you.

Focus intently on what you wish to see in your life.  Powerful manifestation is available to all of us, so use it wisely.  Use your imagination to place a video screen out in front of you.  Project onto it your skills, your desires, your joy for the life you want to live.  See it like a movie with you as the starring role and write the story.

Hold that vision clear and keep your thoughts directed towards it.  You are capable of bringing this into physical reality.

Stay away from mainstream media as much as possible.  It is filled with conflicting information and enough negative hype to start its own fire.  Instead, go out in nature even if for five minutes.  Suck in some fresh air, let the sun soak into your skin and listen to the birdsongs.  Take a moment to sit and relax.  Nap or sleep.  Eat well.  And laugh.

The more of us who keep our inner light shining bright, the more the negative energy recedes and eventually dissolves until there will be no more dark.  Imagine what a life filled with joy, cooperation, harmony and abundance looks like.  Make it so.

The P Word


Prayer. Sometimes more difficult to say than the F-word. Why is that? I think that many people associate prayer with a religious affiliation. Nothing wrong with that, but it might mean that people don’t understand what prayer can do.

Have you ever shrieked “Oh, my God!” when you witnessed something scary? Or whispered “help me!” when you were alone and afraid? Those statements are prayers.

Scientists and doctors are providing data that when someone is ill and receiving prayers, their recovery is much quicker.

You see, you don’t have to be in a specific place or be in a spiritual state of mind to pray. Praying is just talking to the Universe or Spirit, or any other name – or not – that you choose. It’s saying thank you when you’ve had a good day. It’s asking for help for a friend when they are in need. It’s asking for the good health and recovery when you or anyone else is experiencing an illness. It’s praying that the planet pulls its collective head out of its a$$ and gets on the path to a gentler, kinder and more cooperative way of life.

So, get down on your knees or not, and have a conversation with the Universe. God knows, we could use the help.