The Calling

It’s 1984. The George Orwell version. A recommended read and eerily prophetic. Shhh, someone might hear you thinking.

I am starting with a music file for you to listen to: Mike + The Mechanics – Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground) (Official Video) – YouTube Recorded in 1985. The lyrics “can you hear me calling you” seemed to be an important message. So let that run in the background while I explain.

Much like the dystopian world created by Orwell, 2020 started a cycle of breakdown. Every aspect of our lives is being affected, and even controlled: physical and mental health, economy, politics, religion, government, medical systems, media, families, children, relationships, you name it, everything is a shitstorm. It has become difficult to decide who or what to trust anymore. Organizations and media, once the purveyors of information, openly dispense misleading propaganda. Many of them create fear and division by condemning anyone who questions what they promote. We have been trained to be afraid and filled with hate for a perceived threat that has no basis in fact. Do you even know what you are fighting for?

Like the Phoenix bird, the old outdated structures must burn to ashes before it can be reborn. I’m not speaking of a literal fire, so please do not go out and buy matches, lighters and flamethrowers. Even if you like roasted chicken.

We know that the Great Awakening has begun. We know that getting rid of what is not for our Highest Good is part of the process. We know that we are moving into Service to Others (compassion, cooperation) and out of Service to Self (ego, corruption). We understand that we are going through an energetic spiritual shift. But I think we are missing the true meaning. We are hearing The Calling.

The Calling is the invitation to return to God. Not by death, but by connecting. Returning to God is not about joining a church or religion. It is acknowledging that you are a Divine Child of God and that God is available to you at all times.

That may not be an easy task. Until recently, I know that even saying “God” was very difficult for me. I grew up in a religious family. I was taught that God was a fire-eyed, white-bearded, old guy up in the clouds who would rain down hellfire and lighting if you even gave someone a dirty look. I was not worthy to speak to God. It took me several decades of study and research to work through religious belief cultures. I developed spiritual beliefs and could reach God by speaking to the Angels. If you have been following me and have read my books, you know that I use the words “Spirit” and “The Universe”. That was mainly to keep things generic, as there are many name translations of “God”. However, deep down I still harbored the fear of saying the name. Why has this recently changed? It is because of the Great Awakening. Our Divine Creator has decreed that Earth shall be freed of the negative, dark controlling energies that have run rampant for centuries. God has placed a great number of Light Warriors upon Earth to fulfill this task. It is God’s Plan, not human’s plan, and is happening as it was decreed. If there has ever been a time to have Faith, it is now.

In a time when everything seems to be falling apart, you must look within yourself. Everything you are experiencing is God’s way of helping you to realize that you are a Divine Creation. God is helping you to release a lifetime of negative programming. If someone or something triggers your fear, anger or grief, dig deep and discover why you feel that way. You have to give yourself the time and space to experience those feelings. Stuffing them down got you to this point, so they won’t go away if you continue to do that. It’s okay to get mad. Go beat up a pillow so you don’t harm someone, but get it out. Have that epic meltdown; tears release stress hormones. If you are afraid, put yourself in a safe zone. Get those feelings out and start talking to God. Ask for help. Ask for a miracle. Ask to feel safe. Ask for whatever you need. God already knows what you need and has been waiting for you to ask. Nothing is off the table, except the desire to cause harm. NO ONE gets to do that.

When you develop a connection to God, you develop your sense of worth. With that comes discernment. You will know within you what is right, wrong, good, bad or whatever. You will begin to trust yourself and receive guidance from God. Then you can look out around you and know what is for your Highest Good. God’s messages come in many forms. Maybe song lyrics will hold a message (are you still listening to “Silent Running”?). Maybe you’ll find spiritual teachers who resonate with you. Or you’ll read an article or passage in a book. Whatever form that takes, you will know inside you that the message was meant for you.

Remember that you are part of the Human Collective, and your energy contributes to the overall energy of Earth. You have a choice and it is time to pick a lane. First of all, be in the driver’s seat of your life. Secondly, choose your navigator – God or Satan (there are only two choices). Third, what energy do you want to contribute to the planet? Majority rules, you know. Quit being a victim unless you want to be miserable forever. Once you have made your choice, stand your ground. Unless your choices include harming activities, no one gets to dictate to you what to choose. Standing your ground is not easy and you’ll have days when you want to crawl into a hole and never come out. Take a break, do some self-care, but get back up and dig deep for your faith. God has your back and will help you. But only if you ask.

Can you hear God calling you?

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I Want It Now!

This video message may or may not resonate with you. If not, just close it before you get heartburn. It is a very thought provoking message by Juan O Savin: Juan O’Savin – A summary of what is going on. – YouTube

If you know who Juan is, then you will understand the message. If not, it is about the Plan of current events. Again, this may not be for you.

The message is simple: have patience and trust God’s Plan. This past week had many folks upset, because certain actions were expected. It wasn’t the right time. Yes, we want it now, but you want everything to be completely finished so we don’t have to ever go through this again. 2020 Deja vu? HORRORS!! Think about the people who have planned this and have dodged bullets and bombs for the last 20-60 years. You can damn well bet they want this over and done. Maybe a month’s long vacation in Tahiti or someplace after they have banished evil for good.

We are ready to move forward into the New Earth. We want to clean up the mess and begin to rebuild society into a marvelous, abundant, happy and peaceful place. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting that. It is our transformation into the 5th Dimension. Notice that I wrote “begin to rebuild” and “transformation”. This is not a “won and done” situation. Like anything it is a process, and part of that process is cleaning up the shitpile inside of you. “You can’t take it with you” is very appropriate.

God and all the spiritual beings are helping you with this process. How many triggers have you encountered in this past year? Have you experienced the “Dark Night of the Soul”? Maybe more than once? Maybe you encountered health issues. Maybe around safety and security needs. Maybe your relationships became strained or even separated. Instead of going into victim mode, give thanks that your soul wounds are coming up for healing.

And maybe you thought you had already healed your “stuff”.

Think of your wounding as layers of an onion. The original trauma occurs and then as you grow older, layers build up each time you are in a situation that mimics the original wound. So healing happens in layers as you keep peeling back each one. I, too, thought I had “fixed” everything, but my relationship just hit a boil.

I have been in a romantic relationship for 13 years. I have been previously married. I am an Empath, and like most of us, put my needs last and attract narcissistic partners. Empaths often have childhood trauma of abandonment and unworthiness. I hate conflict and when things get bad, I leave. Early on in this relationship, there were some commitment issues but I thought they had been worked out. I overlooked some of the flaws, because overall, we got along well and had fun together. I shoved down my resentments of lack of support, and in typical Empath fashion, overcompensated by giving too much. I taught myself how to back down on that. I retired last year and he picked up more of the financial support, so I thought that was okay. I took on more of the household responsibilities thinking that evened it out. And then April arrived with all the “you know what” Thing. Just so you know, I am a researcher and truth seeker. I have been like that since I was a child. Being newly retired, I had ample time to dig in. And I did. And I learned far MORE than I ever could have imagined. Some of it horrific and almost unbelievable. (Cognitive Dissonance) And then I determined that I like Orange better than I liked Blue, but my partner absolutely hates Orange. I think you know what I am talking about.

I am not the type of person to push my opinions or beliefs on others. I will “test the waters” and see where you might stand on an issue. If it doesn’t resonate, I’ll let it go. No worries. If it does, then I’ll talk to you about it and share the information I have discovered. So I did that with him. That’s what you do in a relationship. Normally, if it doesn’t resonate you’ll get “I don’t agree, but I love you anyway”. Not so in this case. Name calling and shaming was what I got in return, to the point of being told that I was insane and that my opinion was wrong. He has distanced himself from me (within our house), and even wrote an email listing my supposed insane beliefs.

And that was my wake-up call from God. We all know that opinions are like a$$holes and sometimes they both stink. But they are just personal opinions and we have the right to have them, with the only exception of those that would cause deliberate harm to someone or self. Other than that, NO ONE gets to tell you what to think. I am not a parrot. This was a wake-up call to teach me to stop giving my inner being, my worth, my validation to someone else. That I am a Divine, Sovereign Child of God. That I am deserving of all of God’s gifts. That I have the right to be treated respectfully, with honor, and be in a supportive, loving, balanced relationship. That all my life I have attracted little-boy men who would have temper tantrums if I didn’t give in. Why? Because I never learned to love the little girl within me. That because she was unwanted, and had to serve penance in the form of not being a burden to them and letting them have what they missed out on. (as my mother so often reminded me)

W.T.F. I thought I had worked through all that. I did the inner child therapy and learned how to nurture myself. But what I have just realized is that – while all good – it was just another mechanism of self-sufficiency so someone else didn’t have to support my inner child. WOW. As I said, healing comes in many layers. So my spirit guides pretty much had to shove me to the wall and make me face my “teacher” in order for me to learn how to teach others how to treat me. So I have been doing a lot of praying and asking for guidance on this. I have to continuously fight my behavior pattern of leaving the situation as They have told me I’ll just keep going through this pattern until I stop and face it. (Read about dealing with narcissistic people for more info.)

Now he’s not a bad man, but he does have some level of narcissistic traits, and I have enabled him to run wild with that. Think eight-year old spoiled brat. I never had children so I lack the necessary skills of preventing this behavior. However, it’s never too late to learn.

So the point of this very soul-baring message is don’t ignore your triggers. They are God’s gift to help you see the Divine within you. You don’t need to carry your soul wounds around with you anymore. You are totally and completely worthy and deserving of everything. Welcome to the Ascension.

You Are The Awakening

Last week was a roller coaster ride. Many of us had high expectations and suffered a great letdown. Others felt that their goals were achieved. Everything is unfolding as per God’s Plan, which might not be the same as your plan.

The Great Awakening has been attached to external outcomes. Yes, a massive shift in the human consciousness is what this is about. However, we get very caught up in the process. The Great Awakening is about YOU. It is your transformation, your shift, your unique process. For when you shift your awareness, the entire collective experiences that shift.

Instead of searching for answers, solutions, actions or validations outside of you – look WITHIN. Begin with whatever fears and traumas are being triggered right now. This is the point of healing. It is not necessary for you to re-live those traumas. When the fear or whatever comes upon you, step back and ask yourself what are you feeling and why. Be responsible for your emotions and the caring of yourself. Have you become dependent on others for your care or validation? Take back your power. You are a sovereign being with the Divine right to abundance, support, love, respect and honor. There is absolutely nothing wrong with receiving support from others, but you must be responsible for yourself – because no one else can give you what you truly need – Self Love.

This is The Great Awakening – loving yourself as a Divine Sovereign Being. All the rest is in God’s hands.

Thought For Today, January 21, 2021

Last I checked, God was still in charge. Keep your faith and trust in God – no matter what. Look within yourself for truth. Use discernment in what other people are saying, by pulling the information within and asking God to help you see the truth.