The P Word


Prayer. Sometimes more difficult to say than the F-word. Why is that? I think that many people associate prayer with a religious affiliation. Nothing wrong with that, but it might mean that people don’t understand what prayer can do.

Have you ever shrieked “Oh, my God!” when you witnessed something scary? Or whispered “help me!” when you were alone and afraid? Those statements are prayers.

Scientists and doctors are providing data that when someone is ill and receiving prayers, their recovery is much quicker.

You see, you don’t have to be in a specific place or be in a spiritual state of mind to pray. Praying is just talking to the Universe or Spirit, or any other name – or not – that you choose. It’s saying thank you when you’ve had a good day. It’s asking for help for a friend when they are in need. It’s asking for the good health and recovery when you or anyone else is experiencing an illness. It’s praying that the planet pulls its collective head out of its a$$ and gets on the path to a gentler, kinder and more cooperative way of life.

So, get down on your knees or not, and have a conversation with the Universe. God knows, we could use the help.

I Can’t Believe What I Heard

Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay

Cognitive dissonance occurs when you suddenly hear completely conflicting information about a long-held belief.  It causes stress and anxiety, and can change your brain pathways to that which resemble someone with PTSD.

A good example of cognitive dissonance is someone who began smoking during the years that the Marlboro Man commercials were running.  Sexy, mysterious, the actor playing this role made smoking look cool and tough.  These ads were soon followed by Joe Camel.  Both depicted a habit that was thought to be completely acceptable.  And then. . .lung cancer became the new enemy.

Many smokers went into complete denial.  “That won’t happen to me.”  Some thought they should just cut back.  And there were others who probably thought “what the hell, I’m going to die someday, anyway” and increased their consumption.  These behaviors were maladaptive, in order to lessen the belief’s conflict.  Cognitive dissonance occurred when they encountered someone, or heard evidence of smoking-induced lung cancer.  Cortisol would flood the body and eventually contribute to chronic inflammation, the root cause of most diseases.

Cognitive dissonance can occur when a trusted source of information suddenly denounces everything they supported, or even removes evidence of such.  I believe we are in a time when such things are occurring.  So, how do you reconcile conflicting beliefs?

Avoidance can be helpful, but might be just putting your head in the sand.  Defiance, which may or may not get you into trouble.  Changing your belief, but you might want to perform due diligence of fact-checking both sets of beliefs.  But ultimately, it comes down to what do you feel in your gut.  Your gut is an extremely powerful sensory device.  You’ve had that sick feeling when you are around someone who makes you feel bad or is scary.  Trust that feeling.  Make time for meditation so you can tune into the Universe and ask for guidance.  Don’t worry if you don’t hear anything immediately.  The Universe will get the answer to you in multiple ways, even with a song playing over and over in your head.  When you feel inside that you have your truth, seek out like-minded individuals who will support you.

Just don’t make yourself sick over someone’s lies.

Here Comes the Sun – Refrain

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

I had in mind to write a welcome of the warm, beautiful spring weather with this great song echoing through my head, and I discovered that Dave – Life and Random Thinking had posted the same.  Since we seem to be humming the same tune, I decided to go with it and sing the refrain.  (Great post, Dave!)

The weather in Denver has been beautiful for the last couple weeks.  We are beginning to register 80 degrees F, and the bright sun is making everything grow, including the weeds.  Although it is not unheard of, we aren’t likely to get any snow in May.  I recall some heavy Memorial weekend snow piles.  We are more than likely to get hailstorms and Colorado is notorious for them.  (Please Universe, no.  Been down that road already.)  But, it is the sunshine that makes everything all right.

Colorado is a very outdoors-minded state.  Cities, suburbs or mountains, most everyone loves to get out and into nature.  Quarantine or no, we are like bears emerging from the den to burn off those cave pounds.

A natural anti-viral, sunlight provides healing energy to nurture our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Vitamin D is rapidly absorbed into our skin within 20 minutes.  The time of day is important in order to avoid the skin-damaging rays.  Seek your sunbath before 10:00am or after 2:00pm.  I have never been a “sun-worshipper”, slathering myself with coconut oil and baking to the consistency of a leather bag, but I love being out in it as much as those who do.  I’m just a little more mindful of covering up when I’ve had my share.  That’s what they make beach umbrellas for.  (If nothing but to savor a cocktail or two.)

Take a stroll in the morning sun and feel its warmth soak into your winter-worn skin.  Allow its healthful benefits fill you up and soothe your soul.  Let the sun shine into your windows and brighten your space.  Accept Mother Nature’s gift of love.


Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Distant.  Discontent.  Disassociate.  Dishearten.  Disrespect.  Disabled.  Dislike.  Dishonest.  Distort.  Disagree.  Disbelief.  Disaffirm.


Dis- is a Latin prefix meaning apart, or having a negative, reversing effect.  Using dis in front of any word would describe our current state of disorder.  It is certainly creating a multitude of negative thoughts.  I know have succumbed to them.  I also know that it is our Ego struggling to wrest control of our subconscious from the Light, keeping us feeling separate and afraid.

The dark, negative energies hate to be disrespected and will swallow you up if you allow them.  Give your Ego a smack and remind it to stay the f*ck, 6 feet back, and practice mental distancing.  You, your soul, is in charge.

If you are feeling a little lost or uncertain and don’t know what to believe, then you are disconnected from the Source.  Shut off those news channels, stay away from crabby social media posts, go to a quiet little corner of your home, yard or other outdoor space and tune back in.

All around you, and all around and on this planet are legions of Angels, Ascended Masters and all other Divine Guides ready and waiting to help you.  All you have to do is Ask.  Any time, anywhere, all the time.  Just Ask.  “Help me turn my thoughts positive” is a good place to start.  Suck in a deep breath and feel your heart expand.  This physically opens you to higher energy.  Pour out your feelings and thoughts to your Guardian Angels.  Allow yourself to experience your feelings.  Sadness, hopelessness, anxiety and worry get stuck in your cells and keep you in negativity.  Practice a little handwashing on your cells by doing a little mental “sudsing” to get the junk out of you, and then allow your tears to wash it all away.  Your Guardian Angels and all the other Divine Beings are there to help you through this.

Not only will you feel cleansed, but able to open your Crown Chakra and feel the Light pour back into you.  There is no social distancing with the Light, only peace and contentment.

Spiritual Distancing

Image by Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay

I have been in a retreat.  Who am I kidding, most everyone is.  The stay-at-home order has most of us confined to our spaces, often with only our thoughts to occupy our time.  Not a bad thing, because when was the last time you actually got to sit down and really focus on something.

Choose your thoughts wisely.

I tend to be an introspective person anyway, so this gives me more time to hone in on my interior world.  I have been able to focus on shifting my energy to a higher frequency, which not only benefits me, but a significant portion of my community.  As my Heart Chakra expands, it helps others to expand as well.

I have time to connect to the Higher Realms for guidance and support, and sometimes just to let go of my fears and worries.  I spend time researching and reading what the spiritual community has posted to increase my knowledge as well as my spiritual gifts.  I then reach out to others with support, guidance and Light in order to assist with the transformation of our world.

Earth, and everything in, on and around it, is going through a change.  There is no stopping what is going on.  It is all changing for the better, so why would you want to resist?  Use distancing as your opportunity to raise the frequency of your Inner Light.  You will have heard the names of public figures who support spiritual guidance.  Find their websites and social media pages.  Read, study, research, anything you can do to support your inner wellbeing.  When you can focus on peace, self-nurturing, creative expression, and time in nature, your path through this transformation will be easier.  Spiritual distancing will represent the space that your bright Light encompasses.

Be well and shine your Heart Light.

Tune Up

Image by マサコ アーント from Pixabay

I just purchased a tuning fork.  Okay.  It resonates at 432 Hz.  Okay.  It’s a thing – Schumann Resonance, the spectrum peaks in the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum.  If you are out of sync with the Earth’s frequency you can experience discomfort such as anxiety, insomnia, illness, suppressed immune system, to name a few.

432 Hz, known as Verdi’s A, is a musical tuning standard.  I’m not a musician, but this has other important aspects.  432 Hz is in tune with the Earth. The Great Pyramid of Giza and Stonehenge vibrate at this frequency.  It has been researched and found that it resonates with our DNA and has the potential to synchronize both sides of our brain.

It also happens to be the frequency of the fifth dimension.

I read that there have been recorded peaks in the Earth’s field that have reached 432 Hz.  It is quite possible that the planet itself is shifting its electromagnetic field to the fifth dimension.  Nature’s gift of crystals can be programmed to a higher frequency to help accelerate the shift.  So, I have been pinging all my crystals with my newly acquired tuning fork.  I have quite a few, but as I move through the house I can feel the energy shift and hum with the higher frequency.  I feel it in my body and even my mood will lift.  It makes a beautiful bell-like sound and is peaceful, along with the uplifting.

Just the kind of tune up I need.

I purchased mine through Amazon from SWB 256 Tuning Forks in Leesburg, VA.