Silent Running

It’s been quite a while since I have actually written a post. Oh, a few re-posts here and there, if I like what others have written. My limited writing has been a monthly newsletter for the community I live in. Most of my time has been spent on building a life here in the Valley of the Sun, and just simply enjoying retirement. I’m loving every moment of it, as well as my community, and the last year and a half has flown by quickly. We’re getting settled in and certainly do not miss the cold and snow.

I also haven’t written because I have spent a quite a bit of time researching down the rabbit holes of our troubled world. I could have posted much about that, but I felt as though I should go silent running. I chose the title of this post from the 1985 song by Mike and the Mechanics, since it speaks to current times. Have a listen here: and pay attention to the lyrics. I’m going to reference some of them and provide some thoughts, as I feel that now is the time to encourage everyone to pay attention. I much prefer helping people learn and look within, rather than tell them what to do, but I can no longer remain silent. It is time to pull your head out of the sand and Wake Up. We are in a battle for control of our lives.

Third Stanza: “Swear allegiance to the flag
Whatever flag they offer
Never hint at what you really feel
Teach the children quietly
For some day sons and daughters
Will rise up and fight while we stood still”

First Stanza: “Take the children and yourself
And hide out in the cellar
By now the fighting will be close at hand
Don’t believe the church and state
And everything they tell you
Believe in me, I’m with the high command”

Polarity seems to rule the day, encouraging conflict and dividing friends, families, partners and everyone in-between. What is said to be truth, is quite often a lie, leaving you to wonder what to do, say or think. “You do this [thing], to protect me”, forcing you to deny the power of owning your own life. Money and power own the world, leaving anyone lesser to bend to the will of those who have that. If you question that, you are made to feel crazy; if you push against that, then you are the criminal. Be the peaceful warrior and use knowledge as your superpower. Open your mind to any and all possibilities of information, even if it seems unbelievable or controversial. Draw the information into your Heart center and see how it feels. Your Heart will always be truthful, even if your mind says otherwise. To challenge you, I’m going to list topics that are “running” through and “calling” out in our current times – for you to take a tumble down the rabbit hole and discover what lies within.

Government, politics, the elections, Big Tech, Big Media, Big Pharma, medical systems, military industrial complex, 3-letter agencies, JFK, Russia, Ukraine, religious institutions, human traffiking, satanic rituals, pedophilia, ETs, Annunaki, Draco-Reptilians, Area 51, Antartica, The Great Awakening, Quantum Financial System, Space Force, the US Constitution, Organic Act of 1871, Central Banks, Freemasons, Atlantis, and Q. Here’s a good pictorial version to tie that altogether:

This list will either: challenge you, scare you, disgust you, anger you, intrigue you, or maybe validate that you are also not crazy. I realize that simply listing all this, could get me kicked off the blog for poking at controversial subjects. What I can do is promise that if you choose to investigate some of these items, you will never think about them in the same way again. Regardless, it is time for us all to wake up and become aware of what is going on around us. There is no denying that life has changed and continues to change rapidly from what we knew a few years ago. This, dear readers, is what is called “The Great Awakening”. A massive shift in energy; from dark to light, from bad to good, away from satanic activities to sovereign souls connected to Divine Creator. And best of all: from apathy and hate into Divine Love.

Stanza Two: “There’s a gun and ammunition
Just inside the doorway
Use it only in emergency
Better you should pray to God
The Father and the Spirit
Will guide you and protect from up here”

Now is the time to stand up and stand on your own two feet. I do not advocate violence. I do not want to be a part of it, unless it is for the protection of my life, property, and that of my loved ones. Even then, follow the path of least harm. Regain ownership of your mind, body, and soul. They belong to you and not anyone or anything else. Choose what goes into your body, what thoughts and beliefs you retain, and what is near and dear to your heart. Your soul comes from Divine Creator and is your moral compass. Look within yourself for the connection to Spirit, and don’t give that power to someone else. They usually just want money in exchange for their version of Spirit’s messages. All of which keeps you in a state of fear and anxiety.

Let me say this again: GO WITHIN. Love, love, love yourself as you would a newborn baby. Accept that you may see yourself as having faults and then love yourself even more. Look with awe upon your human body and realize what an amazing creation it is. The ability to heal itself over and over again; you’ll wonder why you need to rely upon medical treatments when it has capabilities you can’t imagine. Your mind is capable of critical thinking, multi-creation, and storage of information beyond the technical world. You are a living, breathing, powerful-beyond-measure wonder placed here by Divine Creator. When you go within, connect with Spirit, open yourself to guidance, and trust what Spirit offers you, then you have everything you need to deal with the shitstorm that has arisen on Earth. Trust Spirit, trust yourself, disconnect from fear-driven narrative, love yourself, do something fun every single day, and watch the shitstorm burn itself out. They’re called “haboobs” in the desert. Frightening at first, but don’t last long and neither will this one. Are you ready to create Paradise on Earth?

Rainbows and Unicorns

I’ve written rather sporadically on my blog this past year. It was a time of going deep within to connect more spiritually, find my inner truth – much of that connected to research and investigation of external events, and generally determine what I wanted my life to look like since I retired from the work world. Obviously, it included a big change in moving from the Mile-Hi City of Denver to the desert valley of Phoenix. When you listen to your guidance, good things follow. And they have.

I’m feeling that guidance encourage me to write more often, mostly to channel that guidance into messages to be shared. I also have some new followers, so I’d like to introduce them to who I am and what I’m about. I’m a Spiritual Being living in a Human Body, just like everyone else. At a young age, I realized that not everything was as it appeared to be, beginning with religion. I began to question many things. I love to read, and worked at the public library as a teen. For a small library, it was quite diverse and I considered nothing off limits, including those “health” books hidden in the back room. Some things are important to investigate. Through the years, my research topics included metaphysics, religion, philosophy, physical health, self-help, mental and emotional health, and recently, current events. I soaked up information like a sponge, yet always knew something was missing.

I experienced many external events that made me believe I was flawed, or something was wrong with me. Little did I understand that these were karmic choices intended to grow my spirit and lead me back to Spirit. I learned about energetic healing and experienced some too. I learned about Dark energies and how to deal with them. That got a little too heavy, so it was happy spirituality for awhile. Rainbows and Unicorns. Now there is nothing wrong with rainbows and unicorns, and we could seriously use some of that energy, but in present times that gets you thrown in the Nut category. (However, fruits and nuts are good for you.) Whether you are new to my writing, or have followed me for some time, I swear. A LOT. Harsh times call for Harsh words, and get people’s attention. My Spirit Guides encourage the four-letter words, because They want Prime Creator’s messages to come through.

And the message is this: connect directly with Prime Creator (God/Universe/Spirit – you choose the name) and fill yourself continuously with Divine Light. Listen to the guidance that comes to you. So how do you know it’s not evil in disguise? By how you feel. Bad vibes make you feel sick in your gut; Good vibes make your heart swell. That guidance will encourage you in the direction or action steps that will make your life better. The goal here is to feel good: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Too often we feel bad, because we do what others tell us to do, instead of relying upon our internal guidance – the Spirit-connected guidance, that is. Everything else follows. This is what will get you through these harsh times.

You are in charge of you. No one can tell you what you need. No one can rescue you from external events, unless it’s truly life or death. No one gets to decide how you live. No one determines your health or your beliefs. Only you and Spirit. If you are afraid or feel unsafe, connect. If you need something, connect. This connection is the key to changing external events. If everyone on Earth found their way back to their Divine Self, the evil would simply shrivel up and die. Isn’t that a great picture?

Maybe we’ll even see Rainbows and Unicorns again. Even if it’s just a drawing on your refrigerator.

Fill-er Up!

Remember the days of full-service gas stations? The attendant would come out and put gas in your car, clean the windows, check the oil and put air in your tires. Sigh. Would that those services come back, although if you ask nicely, the guys at the tire shops will air up your tires. But a full tank of gas is a blessing indeed.

Your inner fuel tank also needs to be kept full, and I don’t mean your tummy. Your essence, your Inner Light, is your most important fuel tank. It keeps you going when times are tough. It brings inspiration when you are problem-solving. It brings peace when you are stressed. And now more than ever do we need to keep that tank filled up.

We are living in trying times (well, that’s an understatement, Lorrie). Yes, but I’d rather not go into detail about those “trying” times, as they can be controversial and most of you know what they are. Everyone has their own viewpoint, and version of the truth, but the reality is that things are heating up. It’s quite likely that more of those “trying” topics will be revealed, so filling your inner tank is kind of like stocking up on toilet paper. You never know how much shit will come out. The thing is, if you aren’t internally prepared, you may experience a level of disbelief, outrage, depression or other intense emotions that you will find difficult to process. There may be some intense jubilation, but what happens when the party has run out of confetti? How will you feel inside? Good? Ready to help out? Or will you feel completely fucking empty?

Many years ago, I went through intensive energy healing sessions. I later took classes on how to do the same work. Energy healing very often involves clearing your emotional layer of devastating external events that you never processed at the time they occurred. If the emotional reaction is not released through physical action: shaking, crying, screaming, then the energy can stay in your physical body and create illness. The process of clearing can take some time if you have experienced similar subsequent events. You might have internal dialogues with the people involved, which can clear them too, even though they won’t know it. Your energetic body (the aura) may also need some repair. A good energy healer can help remove blocks, implants and repair tears in your aura. They may even need to perform soul retrieval, as sometimes a portion of your soul will pull away if the trauma was severe.

Once your energetic body has been cleared of old trauma, you will feel lighter, maybe even joyous. You’ll think “great, I’m done, I can go”. Wait up there, Buttercup, you don’t want the swamp to rear its ugly head again. The most important aspect of healing is filling up your inner tank with pure Divine Light. You see, if you don’t fill up the empty holes left from the clearing, something will find its way back in, and it might not be what you want. Invoke The Violet Flame and allow it to pour into you with the intention that you are Whole, Complete, Healthy, Loved and Divine. This will keep you centered and peaceful when the shit hits the fan in the outside world.

The World Stage is presently a battle of Good vs Evil. Oh, it might play out as politics, economy, health, or specific names and faces, but it’s still ultimately the time when Spirit is reclaiming the Earth. We’ve lost our way, and act like throwing out all our stuff is how we’ll feel better. Sure, if you know that stuff was bad for you, but what if you thought it was good and you find out it wasn’t? Like a perfect red apple, that cut open, has a rotten core. If you place all of your happiness on the achievement or release of something external, where does that leave you?

Basically, empty and probably fucking hopeless. Time to fill-er up.

External events are lessons, tests and initiations to bring you back to the God-spark within you. They don’t define you; they teach you to remember. Go within. Fill yourself with Divine Light. Remember who you are: a beautiful, loving spiritual being experiencing learning events in a physical body. When you do that, you will fear no evil. You’ll see the truth in all situations and you’ll live your life with joy and abundance.

And you might want to wash that windshield so you can see everything clearly.

Thought For Today – March 25, 2021

Not everything is what it appears to be. Go within, listen to your inner guidance and pay attention to only that which resonates within you. Everything else is just a movie.

Teaser alert!: I’m working on a new book. . . more to follow.

Reminder: God Won

It’s easy to react and get thrown off balance during the external chaotic events. It’s a time when your faith gets questioned and you might even wonder if there really is a plan to bring the world back to light. This is your cue to bring your attention back within yourself. The heavy, dark energies swirling around are intended to distract you. Those on the Dark side want your focus on them and the fear that oozes from you. It’s their food. Do you want to give your power away to those whose only goal is to control you? NO!! Pull your head out of the television screen and shut it off!! The Light is your power; the Light is within you.

Sit and breathe for a few moments. Neither focus on nor push away your thoughts. Just let them scroll through your mind. Direct your focus into your heart space. Envision it filling up with the brightest, purest light you can imagine. Breathe it in, deep into your cellular level, filling every inch of you. Let it begin to radiate outward into infinity. Now imagine yourself in a picture with everything good that you can dream of. Maybe you are on a beach, a sunny day, with beautiful azure water in front of you. Maybe you are with the love of your life, family, friends, whomever. Everyone is happy, loving, playful, a bounty of food available, all needs met with no worries of lack. Your beautiful dream. THIS is what you need to focus on. For whatever you can dream of, you can manifest into real life.

There is no lack in God’s world. There is no fear or worry. All that we have been denied is being returned to us. We are in the midst of a spiritual war, and God has already won. In the spiritual world, time in always in the Now. In the physical work, time is linear. So when the two meet, it takes some amount of time for the spiritual to become physical. We are in that state now. The battle has been won, we are just watching it play out. Eat your popcorn and have patience. If you need a bathroom break, go, you won’t miss much. Good drama takes its time. The happy ending is coming.

Keep your focus within you. Pray, meditate, clean your crystals, consult your oracle cards, whatever rituals bring you peace and clarity. Don’t add to the energy of the outside mess, unless you like replaying the drama scenes. Keep your Light shining brightly. And remember, God WON.

Happy Solstice!

And welcome to the Age of Aquarius. Relax as much as possible today and absorb in the higher frequencies. Envision a glorious future for yourself and others that focuses on co-creating and caring. Remember to go outside, just after sunset, look to the west-southwest and see the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. A once in a lifetime event!

Prepare For The New

It’s a good time to do a little energetic house cleaning. Burn sage, cleanse crystals, use singing bowls, play 432hz meditation music, or any other ritual that clears out negativity or old energy. Let go of whatever no longer serves you. Welcome the new Golden Age into your life!


Right now, it is very important to FOCUS on what you WANT in your life. Ignore the fear porn going on around you. Put your attention and your thoughts into creating POSITIVE things in your life. Want to stay healthy? Focus on that. Need a job or money? Focus on what that looks like. Good relationships? Put your thoughts into action.

Watching external events is like being stuck in The Matrix. Channel your inner Neo and step out of it by putting your attention into positive action.

You’ve got this!

Keep Going

If you have had several nights of weird dreams, insomnia or headaches, this is part of the ascension process. Yesterday’s solar eclipse served as a big catalyst for letting go of things that no longer serve you. Your nightly processing was part of the clearing and cleaning. We are steadily approaching the Solstice and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Things will continue to heat up and much energy is being pushed on, in and through us. Drink plenty of water, meditate, go for a walk, anything that keeps your stress level down. Hold the Light!