The White Winged Collective

fantasy-3313964_1920 (1)There are literally BILLIONS of Angels on the planet.  Considering the population is over 7 billion, and each person has at least 2 guardian angels, then do the math.  Why are we even worried about anything?!

Because you have to ask.

Angels are direct messengers from Spirit.  They guide, help and protect us constantly.  However, because the Law of Earth is that humans have Free Will, they can’t interfere unless it is life or death.  Therefore, we must ask for their help.

Imagine what would happen if every single person asked their Angels to help resolve all planetary issues for the Highest Good of all.  I think it is almost more than we can comprehend.

If something is troubling you, ask for Their help.  If someone is troubling you, ask for Their help.  Ask for Their help if you are sick or well, tired or energetic, experiencing fear or peace.  There is nothing beyond Their ability to resolve.  Just know that when you ask, you must turn the problem over to Them completely and accept that They will resolve it for your Highest Good.  It might require that you take action steps, and that some of those steps may be difficult, but in the long run you will be at peace.

There are plenty enough Angels available, and They have unlimited time, so ASK.

I Can’t Believe What I Heard

Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay

I’m reposting this, because there is a lot of cognitive dissonance going on right now.  The important thing to remember is that your truth is that which resonates within you.  Does it make you feel good or does it make you feel bad?

Cognitive dissonance occurs when you suddenly hear completely conflicting information about a long-held belief.  It causes stress and anxiety, and can change your brain pathways to that which resemble someone with PTSD.

A good example of cognitive dissonance is someone who began smoking during the years that the Marlboro Man commercials were running.  Sexy, mysterious, the actor playing this role made smoking look cool and tough.  These ads were soon followed by Joe Camel.  Both depicted a habit that was thought to be completely acceptable.  And then. . .lung cancer became the new enemy.

Many smokers went into complete denial.  “That won’t happen to me.”  Some thought they should just cut back.  And there were others who probably thought “what the hell, I’m going to die someday, anyway” and increased their consumption.  These behaviors were maladaptive, in order to lessen the belief’s conflict.  Cognitive dissonance occurred when they encountered someone, or heard evidence of smoking-induced lung cancer.  Cortisol would flood the body and eventually contribute to chronic inflammation, the root cause of most diseases.

Cognitive dissonance can occur when a trusted source of information suddenly denounces everything they supported, or even removes evidence of such.  I believe we are in a time when such things are occurring.  So, how do you reconcile conflicting beliefs?

Avoidance can be helpful, but might be just putting your head in the sand.  Defiance, which may or may not get you into trouble.  Changing your belief, but you might want to perform due diligence of fact-checking both sets of beliefs.  But ultimately, it comes down to what do you feel in your gut.  Your gut is an extremely powerful sensory device.  You’ve had that sick feeling when you are around someone who makes you feel bad or is scary.  Trust that feeling.  Make time for meditation so you can tune into the Universe and ask for guidance.  Don’t worry if you don’t hear anything immediately.  The Universe will get the answer to you in multiple ways, even with a song playing over and over in your head.  When you feel inside that you have your truth, seek out like-minded individuals who will support you.

Just don’t make yourself sick over someone’s lies.

Thought For Today – July 11, 2020

Take a deep breath and relax.  There is a Divine Plan in action and it is moving along in Divine Timing.  The Universe says “We’ve got this!”.  Your job is to relax, let go of fear, fill yourself with Love, and hold the Light.

Anchor The Light Within You

ascension-1568162_1920 (1)
Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

It is very important now to keep your energy vibration positive.  I know that can be difficult when you are bombarded with gloomy messages, and life might be difficult for you.  But lifting yourself out of fear and into something positive will change your circumstances.

Expressing gratitude works wonders.  “I AM grateful for – followed by something as simple as ‘this beautiful day'”, will shift your energy.  Gratitude utilizes the Law of Attraction: what you think and believe, you will see in physical form.

I AM is a very powerful statement.  You are stating to the Universe your Divine Presence and all of the abundance you have a Divine right to.  The following are simple statements you can use everyday:

I AM a Divine Child of God.
I AM Divine Love.
I AM a Sovereign Being.
I AM Abundant.
I AM of the Light.

You will also want to affirm that you no longer allow anything negative or toxic within you.  The following statement will tell the Universe to block these energies:

I DO NOT CONSENT to anything negative or toxic within my body, mind, heart or spirit.

Use these statements for 21 days to instill the belief in your mind, and watch how your world changes.

Though For Today – June 28th

Rest.  Not sitting in front of the tv, computer or your digital device.  Really rest.  Simply sit, preferably in nature, and let your mind and body relax.  Give yourself permission to do nothing.  You’ll feel much better.

Thought For Today – June 27th

Stay neutral.  Many people are stressed and snappy with all that is going on.  Don’t get sucked into their emotional turmoil.  Take a deep breath and let it roll off of you.  None of it is about you.

The Only Thing We Have To Fear. . .

“. . . is fear itself.”  This statement was made by Franklin D Roosevelt during his March 4th, 1933 inaugural address.  It is more powerful now than it was then.  Why?  Because fear is an illusion designed to keep you stressed and not focusing on what it important.

Fear and its cousins, worry and anxiety, produce a stress response in your body.  The “flight or fight” syndrome that floods you with cortisol and adrenaline.  These combine to create inflammation, the root cause of most all diseases.

Fear is the belief that you have no control over the unknown.  Who does?  You can’t control people so their behavior is always an unknown.  Fear keeps you unable to access your inner resources and guidance to find solutions or just a different view of the situation.

How do you stay out of fear?  Accept the fact that the only thing you can control is you and your response.  Like attracts like, so put the brakes on those negative thoughts.  Let’s say you just lost your job.  Yes, that is scary and brings fear.  Allow yourself some time to process those emotions.  The loss of anything brings grief.  Feel that and notice where in your body you feel the most pain.  Be gentle and care for your body.  Breathe deep and allow yourself some rest.  When you can calm your body’s response and slow down your breathing, you will be able to think clearly.

When you stay in fear, your questions become statements.  “I can’t afford this or that.”  “I won’t find a job earning what I was.”  “I don’t have benefits.”

Begin with having gratitude for what you have.  This puts you in the mindset of receiving.  Review your skills, such as updating your resume.  What skills do you have that you might not have been utilizing?  Can you act upon them?  Do you have the resources to work from home?  Who do you network with?  These questions help you focus on positive, action-oriented thoughts, and will guide you to next steps.  Visualize that the right job is waiting for you.

Do you see how this changes?  Fear and negativity put you in the mode of creating beliefs; the kind you don’t want to keep in your mind.  When you move into a state of calm and express gratitude, your thoughts become questions which open up possibilities.  Then you can use your visualization skills to attract the perfect situation.

Worry and fear is running rampant, and global media gets all jiggy with hyping that up.  Avoid it as much as possible.  Instead, go for a walk or sit in nature.  Absorb the sun and beauty of the outdoors.  Get a little exercise to release any tension in your body.  Getting on, in or near water is very calming.  Nature is the best anti-anxiety medicine ever and it is free.  Use your nose to breathe as much as possible.  Mouth breathing is shallow and activates the stress response.  Meditate, or just sit quietly and let your thoughts roll through your head.

If you wish that this worry and fear would go away, don’t feed it.  Take control of your thoughts, and keep them in the realm of higher energy.  Everything you need is within you.  Honor that.  Listen to yourself.  Love yourself.  Care for your being as though it is the most precious thing you have.  That is how you destroy fear.