Let’s Get Rocked!

gems-1405998_640I love me some Def Leppard. And I love me some Mother Earth for providing me with my other favorite rock: crystals. Aside from being nature’s jewels, crystals are lovely to wear and are Divinely created healing tools. If you are attuned to such things you can feel their vibrations when you hold them in your hands.

Crystals and stones come in many shapes, sizes, colors and geological forms. They have different vibrations and different metaphysical properties. They can be programmed to send or receive energy. You can wear them, carry them, or place them in strategic places. So much power can be contained in one small bit of earth.

I like holding them during meditation or if I need a bit of a psychic boost. I have an array nestled in various places all through my house.

rock-crystal-1603480_640Clear quartz crystal is one of the most basic, yet powerful stones. You can program, or set the intention of its purpose, by holding it in your hand. It can send or receive. It is often used as a healing stone. I have a sphere, and OMFG! is it powerful! I can literally cleanse the energy in a room in minutes just by holding it in my hand. It has a strong connection to the Council of Light and whenever I need some extra guidance I use my crystal to connect to Them.

rose-quartz-422715_640Rose quartz is a crystal of necessity. It is associated with unconditional love and will help you to open your heart. Place it under your pillow for sweet dreams and boosting your self-love.

stone-3190526_640Amethyst is beautiful in jewelry. It is also very helpful in awakening your intuition and it is a protective stone.

obsidian-505332_640If you often feel spacey, try hematite, obsidian or black onyx to help you get grounded.

Malachite will help you to find emotional blocks held within you and release them.malachite-2775996_640

These are some basic stones to work with. Unsure of what to get? Find a metaphysical store or a rock shop. Walk around and look at the stones. What attracts your attention? That is most likely the stone that you need. Pick it up and hold it in your hand. Does it vibrate? Is there a temperature change? The stone is connecting with your energy. Remember to cleanse your stones after purchase and then on a regular basis to release any held energy. Most stones and crystals can be cleansed by holding them under running water and visualizing the negativity going down the drain and then placing them in sunlight. I keep many of mine on the windowsills so they are constantly vibrating at full power.

Remember to thank Mother Earth as she gives us Love in the form of crystals.

Knock – Knock – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

This is not an article about death, Bob Dylan, or Guns-n-Roses for that matter. Although I like the G&R version of the song.clouds-429228_640

Knocking on Heaven’s door is about connecting with the Universe. What does that mean exactly? Everyone has their own take on that, but for me, it is from a spiritual perspective. If you’ve read my writing, you know I use swear words. It’s how I talk, and it does get your attention. It doesn’t seem to fit with spirituality, but I think it points to the reality of it.

To me, spirituality is the down-in-the-dirt, daily life of belief. As much as would wish otherwise, life isn’t the sunshine and rainbows and manifesting everything we want version of spirituality. Human life is messy, and sometimes we get handed a big pile of sh*t that makes us swear the air blue. That’s reality.

I believe we come here to grow our spirit and ultimately, Spirit. When we are born, we conveniently forget that we were created by the Universe, full of love and knowingness. We have to forget or we wouldn’t be able to grow. Babies and small children retain some of that connection for a bit, and then it is lost.

Part of our purpose is to re-establish that connection so we can grow our human spirit. How do we do this? I think the first step is to believe in the Universe or something greater than ourselves. Secondly, talk to the Universe. (You can apply any name to the Universe as you wish.) Ask for help. Listen to and follow the guidance you receive. This paves the way to a more peaceful life.yoga-2176668_640

Another great method to really connect with the Universe is through meditation. Meditation is really nothing more than being quietly present in the moment and opening your mind and heart to the messages you receive. You can make it a formal ritual with candles, incense, breathing or whatever is meaningful to you. You can go for a walk in nature and connect with the Spirits of Nature. Many people say they can’t quiet their mind, that all these thoughts come rolling in. That’s normal and there is nothing wrong with that. Let them roll through your head without really focusing on any one of them or pushing them out. After all, there could be messages within them that you are meant to hear.

How do you know that the messages are real or from the Universe? Anything in Spirit’s form is going to be positive. The messages will be consistent and repetitive, without being “gotta-do-this-right-now!” (unless it is life-saving). Anything negative or extremely urging you is your Ego trying to prevent you from connecting to Spirit, as the Ego loves being in charge. The more you connect with the Universe, the meaner the Ego gets in trying to keep you away. Tuck it behind your ear and tell it that you don’t need it right now.

Because you are too busy Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door.