Prepare For The New

It’s a good time to do a little energetic house cleaning. Burn sage, cleanse crystals, use singing bowls, play 432hz meditation music, or any other ritual that clears out negativity or old energy. Let go of whatever no longer serves you. Welcome the new Golden Age into your life!


Right now, it is very important to FOCUS on what you WANT in your life. Ignore the fear porn going on around you. Put your attention and your thoughts into creating POSITIVE things in your life. Want to stay healthy? Focus on that. Need a job or money? Focus on what that looks like. Good relationships? Put your thoughts into action.

Watching external events is like being stuck in The Matrix. Channel your inner Neo and step out of it by putting your attention into positive action.

You’ve got this!

Keep Going

If you have had several nights of weird dreams, insomnia or headaches, this is part of the ascension process. Yesterday’s solar eclipse served as a big catalyst for letting go of things that no longer serve you. Your nightly processing was part of the clearing and cleaning. We are steadily approaching the Solstice and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Things will continue to heat up and much energy is being pushed on, in and through us. Drink plenty of water, meditate, go for a walk, anything that keeps your stress level down. Hold the Light!

The Pressure Is Building

Today is December 14th and the Solar Eclipse. The energies today feel like they are pressing down upon us, sort of like squeezing a boil. (I know, gross.) Anger and frustration might be rubbing on your nerves. Breathe. Take as many quiet breaks as you can. We’ll get through this.

the Point of No Return

There is no going back to the old way of living. That might sound ominous to you, like scary even. Today is 12/12, a powerful energy, a change. Today feels to me like the door has been closed to what was. The old ways are gone and the Light has won. It is the time of the Great Awakening, the shift into a new Golden Age, into a life of cooperative caring. The ending of corruption, greed, ego dominance, suffering and all that keeps you in a lower energy. You don’t want the “old normal” to come back.

If you would like more understanding of the Great Awakening, here are some people to follow: Tim Whild, Lorie Ladd, Elizabeth Peru, Diana Cooper and Barbara Marciniak. They have a wealth of knowledge, videos, and meditations to raise your vibration and guide you into the New Golden Age – The Age of Aquarius.

Right now, we just need to watch the breakdown of the old systems. And just like a movie theater, the paper cups and popcorn carcasses must be swept up and disposed of. We’re in a pretty big movie theater, so it will take some time. And then, it will be time for the rebuilding – the creating of a world where we live in prosperity, abundance and caring. We get to decide what it looks like. Do you want the Good Life or do you want the old normal of lack?

I Can Feel It Coming. . .

We are moving ever closer to the December 21st Solstice and the shift into the Age of Aquarius. The energies are getting more powerful each day. Do you feel it? You might not realize what is happening. Pressure in your head, especially the third eye, is intense as it is opening you up to your spiritual gifts. Unusual pain in your body that goes away. Feeling slightly ill – no, it’s not the “thing” (and if it were, take your vitamins) – and then feeling great the next day. Physical symptoms are not unusual as your body is transforming into crystalline energy. Sleep, drink lots of water, eat what your body needs, get a little exercise, fresh air and sunshine. The shift is happening so take good care of yourself. The BEST is yet to come!

It’s Never Too Late. . .

To restore your immune system. We are into cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere, a time when a round of colds and flu sweep along our path, and this year we have the “C” thing hovering around. If you haven’t been doing this, it’s time to amp up your immune system – and develop a practice to keep it up.

Most of us have been required to wear a “muzzle” to work or for other essential purposes. And many of you forget to remove it when driving or taking a bath. This covering has been known to suppress your immune system and since you have been wearing it for 6 months, you are F*CKED. However, taking supplements has long been advised as an effective method to enhancing or rebuilding your immunity. A good source for this information is Dr Joseph Mercola ( The recommended immune system supplements are: a multi strain probiotic, D3, C and zinc sulfate. Follow the dosage information on the bottle or research Dr Mercola’s website.

I have taken zinc sulfate for many years, long before the “C” was ever mentioned. In the last four years, I have only had one case of a cold and that was received on the Durango-Silverton train. Three young urchins were in the seat in front of us, pink-cheeked, snotty noses and simultaneously sneezing in our direction. Pretty much like being at ground zero during the Hiroshima drop.  You’re not gonna avoid getting sick.

Keeping Cold-Eze on hand is also helpful for when you get a bit of a tickle in your throat that might become something. These lozenges contain zinc gluconate and they really help shut down the start of something or reduce the severity.

Now mind you, I am not a medical doctor, but I do plenty of research and would never recommend something I have not done myself. However, I am very healthy and intend to stay that way. It is never too late to do something healthful and supportive of your body. Take good care!