Calming The Zoo

squirrel-316022_1280Sometimes the endless chatter in your head can make you feel like running and screaming.  Whether it’s your monkey mind or squirrel brain, feeling overwhelmed can be like living in a zoo.

Today’s world is fast and endless.  Technology drives the pace and global media points the direction.  We are turned on and tuned in, when sometimes we just need to shut it all off.  How many times a day do you reach for your cell phone or other personal data device?  If we do shut them off, we become starved for the electronic hit like a junkie desperate for a quick fix.

Technology is amazing, no doubt.  You can consult with a doctor, or watch a video on how to scope out the toilet.  A lot of useful things, but with the consequences that everything should be “on-demand”.  Including our brains.  We fuel up with caffeine and sugar to keep up with the hype and then wonder why we can’t fall asleep at night.  Counting sheep has been replaced by chasing squirrels.

Is it any wonder why so many undiagnosed illnesses that are treated with a pill end up creating one?

You don’t have to unplug to calm the zoo.  Even hyenas take time to eat, sleep and play.

One of the easiest methods to unwind is to ground yourself.  Hug a tree (like, for real), walk barefoot in the grass, put your feet in water or just simply imagine a cord attached like a tail to the base of your spine and going deep into the earth.  None of these things will harm the earth.  Mother Earth is very willing and able to dissipate your yuck energy if you give it to her.  She can take a lightning strike with ease, so you are no big deal.  Remember to breathe deeply while doing this as it helps move the squirrel energy out of you much quicker.

Deep breathing is another way to calm your mind and help you think clearly.  No need to go to that oxygen bar and waste your money.  Deep breathing can be done in about five secs.

Faster than clicking on the latest Twitter feed.

I’m Better Than I Never Was

photo-256887_1920Remember when you could run a seven-minute mile?  Wore a size 2?  Could live on five hours of sleep a night?

What if these and many others things like them that you tell yourself on a regular basis are really just lies to avoid accepting yourself for who you are now?  If you quit saying them, could you embrace your reality, could you be kind and loving to you?

And if you did, might you be better than who you thought you were?

It is easy to get caught up in the past.  It is about who you were, but your memories might be tainted.  Maybe things in your life aren’t going very well.  Struggles with a lover, unsatisfying work, body image, bank account a little low.  Not surprising you might wish for what was.  Not surprising you might think the past held better times.  Maybe it did.

What if you could change now?  The good news: you can.  How?  Think differently.  You are better than you were or you wouldn’t be here now.  You are better than you were because you have experience.  You have more knowledge.  You know what you really want, but did you know that your thoughts create your reality?  What you focus on is what appears in your life.  The more you think your life is crap, the more crap appears in your life.

Start by thinking of all the good things in your life.  Write them down.  Put a sticky note on your mirror to look at when you brush your teeth.  Stay focused on the good things.  Like attracts like.

Before long, you will realize that life is better than you thought it was.

Wastin’ The Day Away

patio tiki barI am taking a “stay-cation” next week.  It’s practice for when I’m retired.  I would like to know what it feels like to be at home all day and choose what I want to do.

Luxurious, I’m thinking.

I realize that taking a week-long break from work is a whole different animal than being at home day-after-day.  A break from work usually means doing nothing, doing everything, or maybe just wastin’ away in Margaritaville.  There will be a small amount of Margaritaville in my week.  It’s summer, we have a little pool and a tiki bar on the patio. . .so why wouldn’t I?

There will be fun festivals bookending the week.  I have my usual chores.  A little bit of de-cluttering.  Spiffy up my ride.  Exercise.  Walk the lake.  Lounge in a chair and read.  And hopefully, write and stockpile a bunch of articles to keep you entertained in the weeks to come.

A lot of what I anticipate my days will look like in retirement.  Regular exercise will be priority on my list.  Writing because it pleases me.  Writing my book.  Yes, there is one of those.  I am calling it “Phucensch*tt – Spirituality for People Who Swear”.  Yes, really.  But I’m not giving out any more info on that.  You will have to wait.  I plan on trips to the library.  Trips to cool places in Denver that I’ve never seen in all my years of living here.  Like the Molly Brown House.

I will walk to the grocery store and buy a few things for that day instead of stockpiling from a warehouse store.  I will poke in the dirt until it begs me to stop planting flowers.  I will chase pigeons off the roof.  (Hopefully that problem is already resolved.  Haven’t seen them in a day or two.)  I will re-ignite my love of cooking.  I will meditate.  H*ll, I might even take guitar lessons and become a rock chick.  Or not.  Guitar Hero might be enough.  I’ll watch all my favorite movies over and over until I can recite every word,  “Welcome to Columbia, Joan Wilder.”  And if I feel the need to work and serve, I’ll give readings at my favorite little metaphysical store, For Heaven’s Sake.  I just won’t be doing what I’ve done for the last 30+ years.

Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll put on a pair of flip-flops and search for my lost shaker of salt.


religion-3426187_1920 (1)It is the 4th of July in America.  People all over are waving flags, watching parades, staring in wonder at dazzling fireworks displays, and consuming vats of food and drink.  I think sometimes we forget what it really means.

What is freedom?

We know that it represents Independence Day, or the birth of the United States.  It changed the world and the people that created it.  But what does freedom mean to you?

Freedom is the right to speak and act without hindrance.  It is not the right to do this without regard for others and causing them harm.  It is not the right to harm creatures and property.

Freedom is about choice.  It is about the ability to think, to decide, to act upon what is for your highest and best good.  It is about choosing who you want in your life.  It is choosing a career path that makes you happy and utilizes your skills.  It is wearing what you like.  It is doing the things that make you happy and fulfilled.  When you feel happy and fulfilled, your life will feel smooth.  Oh, it will never be without issues, for you are human after all.

Freedom is simply just a thought process.  It is allowing your thoughts to run wild, imagining, dreaming, just completely letting loose.  They are just thoughts after all and don’t have to be shared or put into action.  “Die Gedanken Sind Frei” is an old German song about the freedom of thought.  Its lyrics speak of thoughts being within your mind where no one can shut them down and no one can imprison you.

That is the true meaning of freedom.

So how will you set your mind free?

Let’s Talk Chakras – Part Seven – The Crown Chakra

crown-2533113_640This is the seventh in a series about our energy body that consists of Chakras. Chakra means “wheel” or “vortex”. We each have seven of them located along the spine, from the base up to the crown of your head. There is an additional one located slightly above the top of your head. Chakras are funnel-shaped, spin in a clockwise circle, and you have one on the front of you that draws in energy and one on the back that gives out energy. It is beneficial to you to keep them spinning and have a balance of flow in and out.

The seventh chakra is located, appropriately, on the crown of your head. It vibrates to the color violet in the light spectrum. Physical issues are related to depression, fatigue and constantly feeling out of sorts.

The Crown Chakra connects you to Spirit. Here is where your beliefs reside concerning religion, spirituality, sense of purpose, divine guidance and trust in that which you cannot see. Your deeply held beliefs waging war with those that might be imposed upon you by others will cause you to feel aimless in your life. A general feeling of illness that simply won’t go away can be based in this inner conflict. Only you can determine what you believe in. If it simply doesn’t feel right down in your gut, then it is not for you. Going against someone else’s belief system that they have imposed upon you might feel like a fight you don’t want and might cause a permanent riff, but whose happiness is most important? Another person’s? Or yours? If you choose the path that is for your highest and best good, then Spirit will support you by giving you the direction to take. And your life will be immensely better.

Open your Crown Chakra and connect with Spirit. Listen to the guidance you receive and act upon the direction. Ask Spirit for help with the next step. Watch how your life beautifully unfolds. And thank Spirit for helping.  As this corresponds to the pinnacle of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – self actualization – then contentment, feeling safe, feeling supported, and a sense of belonging bring peace to your life.  Which is what all of us really want anyway.  Namaste.

It is important to keep your chakras clean and spinning in a clockwise direction. A regular practice of meditation, with a focus on re-balancing your chakras, is the best method of keeping them healthy.

Let’s Talk Chakras – Part Five – The Throat Chakra

throat-2533108_640This is the fifth in a series about our energy body that consists of Chakras. Chakra means “wheel” or “vortex”. We each have seven of them located along the spine, from the base up to the crown of your head. There is an additional one located slightly above the top of your head. Chakras are funnel-shaped, spin in a clockwise circle, and you have one on the front of you that draws in energy and one on the back that gives out energy. It is beneficial to you to keep them spinning and have a balance of flow in and out.

The fifth chakra is located in your throat. It vibrates to the color blue in the light spectrum. Physical issues are related to throat and thyroid.

The Throat Chakra governs your ability to speak out – creatively, passionately, and emotionally. How often have you been emotionally troubled by something and unable to talk about it? Thyroid issues can help you identify your ability to speak your truth. Maybe you have creative or unusual ideas and feel that you are unable to express them. Getting to the root cause will not only unblock your chakra, but will help you speak the truth and connect to your personal power center in the third chakra. If you have creative ideas that you are unable to share vocally, perhaps try writing them on paper or even painting or coloring. Once you open your creative flow, you might be surprised at how you can use your voice to express them to others.

Maybe you have a difficult time saying no to demands upon your time. Practice saying “I can’t do that right now” to open your voice to the possibility of saying “no I won’t do that for you”. The more you do it, the easier it gets, and the better you will feel. You might even release your need for thyroid medication.

It is important to keep your chakras clean and spinning in a clockwise direction. A regular practice of meditation, with a focus on re-balancing your chakras, is the best method of keeping them healthy.

I Have To Grow Older, In Order To Get Younger

water-fight-442257_640I grew up as a miniature adult. The product of a teenage pregnancy, my father had little to do with me, and my mother was just angry that her life was ruined. I spent the first twelve years living with my grandparents.

Being mostly unwanted, I learned very early that I needed to take care of myself. I grew up on a farm in rural Iowa and started to have chores at an early age. I was old from an early age.

I will be 58 years old in a few months and planning my work retirement at 59 1/2. I’ve spent nearly my entire life working and am not planning on a new career. I have realized it is time to have my childhood. Oh, I don’t mean to suddenly become helpless and let someone take care of everything. I’m just not wired that way.

It is time to Play.

I’m not even sure I know how to do that. What?! Seriously?! Maybe I should say that I don’t know what play is for an adult. I guess I could think about it as the opposite of work. Aside from necessary activities for your existence, Work is doing something for someone on their time schedule with the expectation of something in return, as in wages. Wages are good and if you’ve saved enough of them you get to retire and still get them in a different form. So then Play would be doing something for yourself on your time schedule with the expectation of something in return. . . such as freedom and relaxation.

But can you only get that with Play?

Not necessarily. I think it is all about your experiences and perception. I think if you love what you do, and maybe you work for yourself, you can experience freedom and happiness. I believe it is all in how you invent your life.

toys-3200971_640My thoughts are full of these things as I start my transition. I’m tired of the grind and the stress. Many work environments are getting more faster-paced and more technology. The push to do more and more often is wearing on people. I am experiencing a great deal of that in my workplace. I come home tired and then go to bed a few hours later just to start it all over again. I’m getting past the point of even enjoying what I do.

I am ready for Play.

I constantly think about what I enjoy and how I want to incorporate all of that in my life. I am quite certain you will see many more of my blog posts. I look forward to daily exercise. Since I live so close to a lake, I hope to walk around it quite often. I love Pilates so that will be in my daily routine. Reading has always been my escape and relaxation so I will be able to settle in with a good book. I’ll make friends again with the local libraries. And to actually have time to watch a movie. And so on.  Sigh. I guess I don’t really worry or wonder what I’ll do every day.

I think it is just time to go Play!

The Highs Are Not As High As The Lows Are Low

marijuana-2766343_640Colorado has a booming marijuana business. Tax revenues are in the billions, housing is going up everywhere, employment is active. The medical side, without the mild-altering THC, has many benefits: seizures, chemo patients and pain management to name a few. Perhaps it is the answer to the opioid crisis that has sent many desperate pain-ridden people into misery and homelessness.

I don’t like pot and have no need to lie about that. I tried it many years ago and learned that it was not for me. As an intuitive empath, I normally sense and read people’s emotions. Part of my life purpose is to assist with healing, so I automatically go into the mode of drawing out negative energy. People use pot typically to calm down, let go of vacuum-29951_1280stress and release negative emotions. When I was under the influence, I turned into a human vacuum cleaner and sucked up a lot of sh*t from people, leaving me in a depressed, anxious and crabby state. Pot is not for me.

I don’t really have an opinion of whether it is right or wrong. Apparently the medical version is highly [no pun intended] effective. However, it should not be used by children and young adults because of the effect on brain development. It is also detrimental and sometimes fatal to animals. But as with any sort of addiction, pot is a way of avoiding or covering up negative emotions. It is a temporary state that doesn’t lift a person up more than they were down.

It is high time to deal with our sh*t instead of getting high to avoid getting down.

Nothing outside of yourself is ever going to make you completely happy. Addictions or distractions come in many forms and typically cost money. They are temporary fixes for our pain. Look within before you look without and ask yourself “what is the source of my pain?” Seek professional help if it is not something you want to deal with on your own. Own your pain. Facing your pain is not as scary as you would think. Allow your body to release the chemical toxins associated with emotional pain by crying, shaking and even vomiting. This is normal. Tears will stop. Write about it in a journal. Nurture yourself with a warm bubble bath. A cup of herbal tea. As you work through your pain, you will find that you will begin to have less of a need to cover it up with distractions.

And then, your highs will be higher than the lows are low.

Finding My Heming-way

typewriter-2794560_1280Do I think I’m another Hemingway? HA!  Nor do I think I would want to be He.  For all his greatness, he lived a troubled life.  (Well, maybe in that aspect I’m like him.)  I read something that he stated the likes of “he would go crazy if he couldn’t write”.  I know that’s not a direct quote, but you get the idea.  I know what he means; I, too, crave the need to write.

I never thought that I would be a writer.  I have always been creative and have the need to do something with that.  I took journalism in high school and I envied the “photags”, the kids who went around capturing moments in 35mm.  But it never occurred to me to do something with that.  I wanted to be an interior decorator, which also didn’t happen.  Now I work for the government doing financial work.  Guess there’s some level of creativity in that. LOL

I started this blog for something to keep me occupied as I transition into retirement.  I knew I needed a creative outlet that didn’t result in a bunch of stuff in storage containers.  I had been down the writing road before; trying my hand at romance writing.  Tough market to publish in so I let it go.  Still it tugged at me and recently I had been noticing many blogs by older women.  Hmmm.  And thus, Loving Your Sh*t was born.

It has now evolved into a passion.  And growing, as I have started a book.  But it has given me a greater realization in that we all NEED a passion to keep us growing and excited about life.  Too many people sit around wasting their brains on electronic devices or silly television shows and medicate their dissatisfaction with drugs, alcohol or food.  (Hemingway was also an alcoholic.)  Maybe they once had a passion and then allowed someone or something to “school” them out of it.  That is when it is time to dig deep.

What makes you feel alive?  Maybe even what makes you “bleed”.  Reach down into your soul and find what it is that calls you to create.  Creativity is not limited to something artistic.  And when you find it, commit to it.  I’ve committed myself to two blog articles a week and two nights a week on my book [errr, manuscript in proper terms].  Don’t let anyone tear down your dream.

Reach deep and find your inner Heming-way.

Write Us Out of This One, Joan Wilder

Romancing The Stone; 1984; Twentieth Century Fox; USA/Mexico

If you have ever seen the movie “Romancing The Stone” you know that Joan Wilder was a shy, nerdy romance writer turned, well, THE Joan Wilder.  A courageous, beautiful woman who owned her power.  She channeled her emotions and dreams onto the paper and then finally into her own life.

Writing or journaling is a healthy and effective way to release negative emotions.  You can write to yourself, someone else, a thing or a place.  Pour out all the dirt in purple ink.  There is something quite satisfying about grinding F*CK YOU into the paper with a ball point pen.  (Yep, done that.)  It is not recommended, however, to give your notes to someone or leave it lying around.  This is your catharsis and for your eyes only.  Not to mention, it is probably scribbled and even you can’t read it.  The best thing to do is burn it after you’ve unloaded.  While you are watching it go up in flames, imagine that the issues are also going away.  Just don’t burn down the house while you are at it.

Once you have fanned the fires of hell, you can continue writing in a way that becomes productive.  If you are having an issue with someone, practice writing what you would say to them.  Say, not screech.  The better you get at writing, the better you will get at speaking.  Could open up a whole new way of communication with that person, and possibly resolve the issue.

Or better yet, you’ll get an idea for writing a book.  Write us into this one, Joan Wilder.