The Highs Are Not As High As The Lows Are Low

marijuana-2766343_640Colorado has a booming marijuana business. Tax revenues are in the billions, housing is going up everywhere, employment is active. The medical side, without the mild-altering THC, has many benefits: seizures, chemo patients and pain management to name a few. Perhaps it is the answer to the opioid crisis that has sent many desperate pain-ridden people into misery and homelessness.

I don’t like pot and have no need to lie about that. I tried it many years ago and learned that it was not for me. As an intuitive empath, I normally sense and read people’s emotions. Part of my life purpose is to assist with healing, so I automatically go into the mode of drawing out negative energy. People use pot typically to calm down, let go of vacuum-29951_1280stress and release negative emotions. When I was under the influence, I turned into a human vacuum cleaner and sucked up a lot of sh*t from people, leaving me in a depressed, anxious and crabby state. Pot is not for me.

I don’t really have an opinion of whether it is right or wrong. Apparently the medical version is highly [no pun intended] effective. However, it should not be used by children and young adults because of the effect on brain development. It is also detrimental and sometimes fatal to animals. But as with any sort of addiction, pot is a way of avoiding or covering up negative emotions. It is a temporary state that doesn’t lift a person up more than they were down.

It is high time to deal with our sh*t instead of getting high to avoid getting down.

Nothing outside of yourself is ever going to make you completely happy. Addictions or distractions come in many forms and typically cost money. They are temporary fixes for our pain. Look within before you look without and ask yourself “what is the source of my pain?” Seek professional help if it is not something you want to deal with on your own. Own your pain. Facing your pain is not as scary as you would think. Allow your body to release the chemical toxins associated with emotional pain by crying, shaking and even vomiting. This is normal. Tears will stop. Write about it in a journal. Nurture yourself with a warm bubble bath. A cup of herbal tea. As you work through your pain, you will find that you will begin to have less of a need to cover it up with distractions.

And then, your highs will be higher than the lows are low.

Finding My Heming-way

typewriter-2794560_1280Do I think I’m another Hemingway? HA!  Nor do I think I would want to be He.  For all his greatness, he lived a troubled life.  (Well, maybe in that aspect I’m like him.)  I read something that he stated the likes of “he would go crazy if he couldn’t write”.  I know that’s not a direct quote, but you get the idea.  I know what he means; I, too, crave the need to write.

I never thought that I would be a writer.  I have always been creative and have the need to do something with that.  I took journalism in high school and I envied the “photags”, the kids who went around capturing moments in 35mm.  But it never occurred to me to do something with that.  I wanted to be an interior decorator, which also didn’t happen.  Now I work for the government doing financial work.  Guess there’s some level of creativity in that. LOL

I started this blog for something to keep me occupied as I transition into retirement.  I knew I needed a creative outlet that didn’t result in a bunch of stuff in storage containers.  I had been down the writing road before; trying my hand at romance writing.  Tough market to publish in so I let it go.  Still it tugged at me and recently I had been noticing many blogs by older women.  Hmmm.  And thus, Loving Your Sh*t was born.

It has now evolved into a passion.  And growing, as I have started a book.  But it has given me a greater realization in that we all NEED a passion to keep us growing and excited about life.  Too many people sit around wasting their brains on electronic devices or silly television shows and medicate their dissatisfaction with drugs, alcohol or food.  (Hemingway was also an alcoholic.)  Maybe they once had a passion and then allowed someone or something to “school” them out of it.  That is when it is time to dig deep.

What makes you feel alive?  Maybe even what makes you “bleed”.  Reach down into your soul and find what it is that calls you to create.  Creativity is not limited to something artistic.  And when you find it, commit to it.  I’ve committed myself to two blog articles a week and two nights a week on my book [errr, manuscript in proper terms].  Don’t let anyone tear down your dream.

Reach deep and find your inner Heming-way.

Write Us Out of This One, Joan Wilder

Romancing The Stone; 1984; Twentieth Century Fox; USA/Mexico

If you have ever seen the movie “Romancing The Stone” you know that Joan Wilder was a shy, nerdy romance writer turned, well, THE Joan Wilder.  A courageous, beautiful woman who owned her power.  She channeled her emotions and dreams onto the paper and then finally into her own life.

Writing or journaling is a healthy and effective way to release negative emotions.  You can write to yourself, someone else, a thing or a place.  Pour out all the dirt in purple ink.  There is something quite satisfying about grinding F*CK YOU into the paper with a ball point pen.  (Yep, done that.)  It is not recommended, however, to give your notes to someone or leave it lying around.  This is your catharsis and for your eyes only.  Not to mention, it is probably scribbled and even you can’t read it.  The best thing to do is burn it after you’ve unloaded.  While you are watching it go up in flames, imagine that the issues are also going away.  Just don’t burn down the house while you are at it.

Once you have fanned the fires of hell, you can continue writing in a way that becomes productive.  If you are having an issue with someone, practice writing what you would say to them.  Say, not screech.  The better you get at writing, the better you will get at speaking.  Could open up a whole new way of communication with that person, and possibly resolve the issue.

Or better yet, you’ll get an idea for writing a book.  Write us into this one, Joan Wilder.