Find Your Inner Light

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. We’re getting settled in, here in the desert and beginning to create a new way of life. There are many seasons to our lives, and it’s important to determine what you would like to grow. Me, I’ve spent my whole life toiling away to the calling of someone else’s schedule and desires. That isn’t necessarily bad, as I’ve gained compensation for that toil that has allowed me to make this life change. So I’m grateful for all that has brought me here.

This season, I’m learning how to play and enjoy what life has to offer. In spite of the turmoil of the outer world, my Inner Light is carefully cultivated to shine ever brighter. This is the most important task during these tumultuous days. First and always, connect to Spirit/God/Divine Creator/whatever Higher name you choose. Allow that energy to constantly flow into your Heart Center. If you are choosing to stay updated on current events, always bring that information into your Heart Center for Divine Discernment. Your Truth is YOUR Truth and no one else’s. Agree to disagree with others and don’t let opposing views destroy lifelong relationships, providing they are not harmful. We desperately need more of Spirit’s messages and less of human opinions in order to live our best life. Remember that you are a Divine Sovereign Soul encased in a human body; created by Spirit and placed upon the Earth to experience life. You are neither master nor slave; you are not greater or less than anyone else; just a beautiful creation learning lessons and allowing the love and light within you to grow and expand.

Take good care of your human form. It belongs to you and no one else. It was created by Spirit and filled with immense, miraculous capabilities. Listen to your inner messages of how to care for yourself. Nurture your Soul by connecting with Spirit every day. All the guidance you need comes into you directly from Spirit. You may get information from human sources, but let Spirit guide you to what is appropriate for your path. If you are troubled, fill and surround yourself with pure Divine Light.

You are on the path to the Awakening of your true Soul. Find your Inner Light and hold it bright and steady.

5 thoughts on “Find Your Inner Light

  1. I read your post twice. A few thoughts caught me. The first was reference to seasons in our lives. This I think is worthy of it’s own separate post or perhaps even several in a series. I believe you would have some insights in how seasons happen in our lives. I am even imagining our lives as annual plants, and we seek the living light that is indefinable, unmeasurable and yet unchallenged. In my late teens I read a book about living light and I suppose since then I have always seen God as light. There is a verse in John as describing God as without shadow.
    Second I liked your encouragement to avoid opposing views. Why is so easy for us to want to win others over to our points of view, discussions quickly escalate to something closer to argument or debate. Perhaps when we come across an opposing view we should treat like a hot stove and just stay away.


    1. Thanks, Dave. I have thought about writing a book on “The Seasons of My Life”, but I like your idea of a series of posts. I like the plant analogy too, as I love growing flowers. Regarding opposing views: I feel like we are [currently] being encouraged to act like tyrants if someone doesn’t like our personal opinions. Tolerance is not tolerated and compassion has been deleted from the list of virtues. Thus, the absolute necessity of raising the frequency of Light within us. Many Blessings to you and I hope you and yours are all doing well.

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  2. Awesome!
    Thank you for your post!
    The last 6 months have been a learning curve for me. Especially, learning to live in my skin, learning who I am and why I need time for me and why “me” is so important.
    My summer was a time for reflection of why my faith in God is why “me” is so important. I have thanked Him for giving me the opportunity to serve the under served for 40+ years and my family for a lifetime. Now, thank you God for teach me to balance all. Thank you for the lesson for reminding me how “me” is so important to keep physically and mentally healthy for my healthy spirit.
    I love being a “Colorado Girl living in an Arizona world”! Thank you God.


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