When Swearing Just Isn’t enough

I am fluent in F*ckenese. If you have been following me, you already know this and don’t mind a little spice with your spirituality and inspiration. Swearing is an expression of severe or instant emotion that ranges from “oh, rats!” to “motherf*ckin’ s.o.b!”. It is an effective method of getting that emotion out of your body instead of letting it rot in there and morph into disease. Yes, unexpressed emotions are carried within the cellular level, and if unresolved, cause you many problems. Not the least of which, is the inability to swear.

Aside from the release of emotion, swearing is useful in getting someone’s attention. I wrote about this in the beginning of my book “Phucenschitt – Spirituality For People Who Swear” Phucenschitt: Spirituality For People Who Swear: Fry, Lorrie K: 9798620707201: Amazon.com: Books If you need help, yelling “HELP!” is often ignored as most people don’t want to get involved with your problem. But if you yelled “hey motherf*cker, move your fat ass!”, you will likely get their attention. And if they come running to you, then you might get their assistance with your problem. Sad that life has gotten to the point where we have to piss someone off to get their help.

Swearing can also teach us something about ourselves. For example: you get a flat tire on the way to work. You jump out of the car, kick the lump of rubber and swear the air blue. Then you change the tire, or call a friend or tow truck, and go on with your day. It may have been a random occurrence. But what if it was a signal of something else? Has that nail been in your tire for weeks and you just ignored it? Have you been driving through a construction zone and hoping for a flat tire so you didn’t have to go to work? Perhaps this is a life review for you to figure out why you are avoiding responsibility.

Do you swear when life events get you down and then tell yourself that life sucks and you will never have/do/be whatever it is you are after? This might be a life review to learn to be self-sufficient and resilient. If you can learn to weather the storm of simple things like a flat tire, then you will learn skills that will get you past them easily. Resiliency is the best life skill to develop. Then when big events, like a job loss, come along you’ll be able to make good decisions and take action steps to get through them.

Even if you still need to cuss like your foot is on fire.

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