Finding The Pieces


I love jigsaw puzzles. They are like therapy and provide me with a relaxing time to contemplate many things. I’ve made a lot of decisions while puzzle-working. I can admit that I am good at them and can do some in a few hours. When I was a child, my great-grandparents had several puzzles – which started my love of them – and I discovered that three of them were cut from the same jig. So I assembled them one on top of the other. Just because.

I think that puzzles are like the journey of our life. Just as there are many different puzzles, so are there chapters of our life. You pick one based upon the picture on the box, just as you would choose a life path based upon the picture you wished to create. Then you begin the process of assembly. You first pick out the edge pieces. This might equate to a romantic partner or career choice. Then you work on the inner portions of the puzzle, carefully picking through the pile to find the pieces that fit. These are like the actions you take towards building your life. It might be education or skill building. Maybe dating and choosing your life partner.

It takes time, patience and dedication. Sometimes the pieces get distressed. Like the day I spilled my cocktail and several pieces suffered some damage. After they dried off, I had to glue the layers back together. They were a little rough, but still fit in the puzzle. Life can be like that too. A little messy, a little rough, but it still fits. Eventually, you fit the last piece into place and you see the whole picture. Maybe you have a celebration for your life picture. And then it’s time to do another puzzle or chapter.

I chose a big puzzle this time. I tend to like 750-1,000 pieces and can complete them in a day or two, depending on the complexity. Sometimes they take longer. I decided I needed a challenge, so I went with 2,000 and an interesting picture. It will keep me busy and give me lots of time to contemplate my life’s chapter. It’s all about finding the right pieces.


One thought on “Finding The Pieces

  1. My mind boggled to think how fast you can do a puzzle. LOL Maybe it’s just that I find it hard to sit still that long to focus on one thing for hours at a time. I liked the puzzle you just completed – it’s the exact kind of puzzle that I like with lots of things in it so you can pick up a piece and look at the picture and see approximately where it might go. I think puzzles are important also to step away from the digital and breathe. Maybe a cool drink or a hot tea – I might even try to upload some Beach Boys music. Have a wonderful day. You gave me a smile. – David

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