Right now, it is very important to FOCUS on what you WANT in your life. Ignore the fear porn going on around you. Put your attention and your thoughts into creating POSITIVE things in your life. Want to stay healthy? Focus on that. Need a job or money? Focus on what that looks like. Good relationships? Put your thoughts into action.

Watching external events is like being stuck in The Matrix. Channel your inner Neo and step out of it by putting your attention into positive action.

You’ve got this!

2 thoughts on “Focus!!

  1. Fear Porn – what an interesting combination of words. Years ago I was told I could cut my stress by 50% by doing one simple thing. That was to only worry about what actually happens – 50% of what keeps us awake in the middle of the night, isn’t going to happen. I have learned to let go of worrying, and instead realize they are only possibilities but there are an equal amount of positive outcomes or more! See the flowers, not the weeds.


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