The White Winged Collective

fantasy-3313964_1920 (1)There are literally BILLIONS of Angels on the planet.  Considering the population is over 7 billion, and each person has at least 2 guardian angels, then do the math.  Why are we even worried about anything?!

Because you have to ask.

Angels are direct messengers from Spirit.  They guide, help and protect us constantly.  However, because the Law of Earth is that humans have Free Will, they can’t interfere unless it is life or death.  Therefore, we must ask for their help.

Imagine what would happen if every single person asked their Angels to help resolve all planetary issues for the Highest Good of all.  I think it is almost more than we can comprehend.

If something is troubling you, ask for Their help.  If someone is troubling you, ask for Their help.  Ask for Their help if you are sick or well, tired or energetic, experiencing fear or peace.  There is nothing beyond Their ability to resolve.  Just know that when you ask, you must turn the problem over to Them completely and accept that They will resolve it for your Highest Good.  It might require that you take action steps, and that some of those steps may be difficult, but in the long run you will be at peace.

There are plenty enough Angels available, and They have unlimited time, so ASK.

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