Thought For Today – July 22nd

Ignorance breeds fear.  It is a simple thing to condemn or hate that which we do not understand.  Open your mind to allow in any or all possibilities.  Feel in your heart that which resonates within you.  Knowledge is not only power, it is Peace.

5 thoughts on “Thought For Today – July 22nd

  1. I have been been on vacation for nearly 3 weeks now and it is amazing seeing and hearing so many people rambling about their fear of today’s “Virus”. I know we need to take precautions, but we can not be so fearful that we stay in the house 24/7 afraid to come out even to buy groceries.
    After being in a group of adults & children it hit me that there really is a new “norm” that will never go away if we do not have faith and take precautions just as we would if we were driving a car, going swimming, preventing a cold or trying to stay healthy. Watching all the news stations and reading all the news media “Will scare the hell out of you”!
    Maybe the “Virus” will be over November 3! Just a thought!

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