Anchor The Light Within You

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Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

It is very important now to keep your energy vibration positive.  I know that can be difficult when you are bombarded with gloomy messages, and life might be difficult for you.  But lifting yourself out of fear and into something positive will change your circumstances.

Expressing gratitude works wonders.  “I AM grateful for – followed by something as simple as ‘this beautiful day'”, will shift your energy.  Gratitude utilizes the Law of Attraction: what you think and believe, you will see in physical form.

I AM is a very powerful statement.  You are stating to the Universe your Divine Presence and all of the abundance you have a Divine right to.  The following are simple statements you can use everyday:

I AM a Divine Child of God.
I AM Divine Love.
I AM a Sovereign Being.
I AM Abundant.
I AM of the Light.

You will also want to affirm that you no longer allow anything negative or toxic within you.  The following statement will tell the Universe to block these energies:

I DO NOT CONSENT to anything negative or toxic within my body, mind, heart or spirit.

Use these statements for 21 days to instill the belief in your mind, and watch how your world changes.

2 thoughts on “Anchor The Light Within You

  1. Thank you so much!
    This is a hard time!
    We do not have to make the pandemic a fear! I sure see a lot of it in my neighborhood! I am doing better with my attitude and without negativity in my life!


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