Here Comes the Sun – Refrain

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

I had in mind to write a welcome of the warm, beautiful spring weather with this great song echoing through my head, and I discovered that Dave – Life and Random Thinking had posted the same.  Since we seem to be humming the same tune, I decided to go with it and sing the refrain.  (Great post, Dave!)

The weather in Denver has been beautiful for the last couple weeks.  We are beginning to register 80 degrees F, and the bright sun is making everything grow, including the weeds.  Although it is not unheard of, we aren’t likely to get any snow in May.  I recall some heavy Memorial weekend snow piles.  We are more than likely to get hailstorms and Colorado is notorious for them.  (Please Universe, no.  Been down that road already.)  But, it is the sunshine that makes everything all right.

Colorado is a very outdoors-minded state.  Cities, suburbs or mountains, most everyone loves to get out and into nature.  Quarantine or no, we are like bears emerging from the den to burn off those cave pounds.

A natural anti-viral, sunlight provides healing energy to nurture our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Vitamin D is rapidly absorbed into our skin within 20 minutes.  The time of day is important in order to avoid the skin-damaging rays.  Seek your sunbath before 10:00am or after 2:00pm.  I have never been a “sun-worshipper”, slathering myself with coconut oil and baking to the consistency of a leather bag, but I love being out in it as much as those who do.  I’m just a little more mindful of covering up when I’ve had my share.  That’s what they make beach umbrellas for.  (If nothing but to savor a cocktail or two.)

Take a stroll in the morning sun and feel its warmth soak into your winter-worn skin.  Allow its healthful benefits fill you up and soothe your soul.  Let the sun shine into your windows and brighten your space.  Accept Mother Nature’s gift of love.

One thought on “Here Comes the Sun – Refrain

  1. The warm weather has been wonderful and my bones feel so good! I have liked the 105 f weather. Not sure how I am going to feel about 115 f here in AZ. Love the tranquil morning walks. Hoping to continue loving this weather! Making me feel more mentally healthy!

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