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This morning’s news stated that at least 19 people have died in a tornado that hit Nashville. At present, only 6 people have died from coronavirus COVID-19. I’m sure if I researched further, I would read that thousands have died in auto accidents. Statistics provide valid and important information, while putting a perspective on things.

I am not attempting to downplay the COVID-19 virus, only the panic that seems to increase daily.

Panic is a negative energy caused by confusion and misinformation. Ignorance breeds fear and activates your monkey brain (the ego) to keep you from acting in your highest good. People do stupid sh*t when they panic.

If you are worried, check legitimate websites, like the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. If you have concerns about travel, they provide current information. Go to the sites of the places you are traveling to for any restrictions or information. Be safe but be practical. More than a medical issue, stopping everything or stockpiling everything creates a bigger hardship on the economy.

It is cold and flu season, and people die each year. Those with compromised immune systems are at-risk, and usually the ones that pass. COVID-19 is a particularly powerful strain, currently without a prevention. I have no doubt that researchers are putting in long hours at their labs to find either a cure or a prevention. Both public health officials and the medical community do not want either a pandemic or a panic, yet too many people persist in making it so.

Number one: stop doing stupid sh*t!

The medical community is telling people not to buy masks unless they are told to do so. Crazy people are stockpiling these things, driving up the price and depleting the inventory of those who do need them, like doctors. Who would you rather wear a mask? The doctor operating on you or your healthy neighbor?

Stay home if you are sick, coronavirus or not. No one wants your snotty nose in the office, grocery store or other public place. If you would bother to look at your doctor’s website, or other medical site, the first thing they say is to stay home. You are more than happy to lounge in bed any other time you don’t want to go to work, so why is this any different?

If you are going to poke in your nose, or any other orifice for that matter, wash your hands. Being gross is not funny.

Do things to stay healthy. Take a probiotic to keep your immune system optimal. Take other vitamins that support this. Eat and drink healthy things. Binge drinking at the local dive bar because you think you are going to die from coronavirus is only going to get you a week-long headache. Plus, you’ll stink.

Do not eat stupid sh*t. Rats, bats, snakes, or any other toxic living-in-a-hole creature needs to be left in that hole. It’s not cool, it’s not cute, and you are not on an episode of “Naked and Afraid”. Why people want to do that is beyond me.

And for you crazy, mad scientists out there who are cooking up some bioterroristic concoction; you are not Blofeld going up against James Bond. The real spooks will find you and throw your dumb ass into a concrete cell and the only chemical reaction you’ll get is the one with Mr. Big in Cell Block D.

Let’s all calm down for a bit. Do your research and check the facts. Take care of your health and avoid germ-breeding grounds. If you have routine medical tests that can wait, reschedule them so the doctors can focus on healing this virus. Purchase good food but avoid wiping out the bread aisle. It gets moldy and stale, and you don’t need to be encouraging the local geese population. Take some time for meditation. The first source you check for any worry is the Universe. Everything you need to know or action step to take comes to you from Spirit, who always and ever wants you to live your best life.

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