Retired and Rehired

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Tuesday was my last official day of full-time employment. Wednesday I was rehired as a temp. My office is having difficulties finding my replacement, so I am filling in on necessary work until that is complete. The unemployment rate is low in Colorado, and apparently most people are happy with their jobs and not seeking positions like mine.

I can’t really view any of this as either good or bad. I trust that the Universe has a plan for me, and I will see where it leads me. I’m receiving my same rate of pay, so the extra income is nice. And thanks to the blessed Affordable Care Act (enacted by former president, Obama, may I remind you), I am eligible for health care during my temp status – at the employee rate, not COBRA. COBRA is also a blessed thing, because I can opt into my other benefits for 18 months.

I can go into work as I see the need, which allows me to pursue my other passions – or maybe just ease into them slowly. So far, I find that my days go by rapidly and I often wonder how that has happened. In some ways, I think I am busier than before, and I have heard that same statement from other retirees.

This stock market thing is rather disappointing, when I am relying on my retirement account income, but as all things with the stock market it goes up and down as it pleases and you have to roll with it. Getting worked up about that just keeps you in an anxious mood, and you stay there. Same with the coronavirus. Anxiety irritates your immune system and make you more susceptible to illness.

Events like these are reminders to trust and listen to the Universe for guidance. When I say this, I don’t mean to just blindly and blithely go on with the attitude that “God-or whoever – will take care of it”. The Universe is your willing partner if you ask for help, but you must listen to and act upon the guidance you receive. It’s like leaving your car parked on a dark street, unlocked, with your wallet inside and expecting that because you believe in the Universe that it is magically protected. Okay, but the Universe nudges you to park under the streetlight, lock all the doors and don’t leave anything valuable in sight. The Universe is telling you How to be safe.

So that is how I am viewing my present situation. The stock market is experiencing a normal swing, so I shouldn’t be drawing from my account yet. Hiring my replacement is delayed so I can continue to work a little, both to keep my office running smoothly and provide me with income and continuation health care. I have free time to pursue passions and not have day-to-day work stress. I am being presented with ideas and opportunities for my future.

I think I just got hired by the Universe.

3 thoughts on “Retired and Rehired

  1. I am happy for you and glad you will be doing some wonderful fun things. Enjoy. I am still a little jealous. Ok maybe a lot. ❤️


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