Chicken Soup Feeds Your Soul

soupI love chicken soup, but then, what’s not to love about it. I love making chicken soup and made a batch yesterday. Chicken, chicken stock, whatever vegetables I had available and dumplings. I’m sure many of you are familiar with those big, fluffy dumplings. Not these. I call mine the “Iowa Farm Girl” version. My grandma taught me how to make them. Eggs, flour and a little seasoning. Scoop up a small amount and stir into the boiling soup. They cook up into firm little delights. Because my grandma taught me, they are probably something from the Depression era, and designed to stretch a pot of soup for more people. We ate a lot of it in winter, so it must be true.

Chicken soup is good for many things. We know it to be a cure-all for the common cold. I think it fixes almost anything, simply because it tastes so good and leaves you feeling content and nourished. It truly does feed your soul.

If you are feeling a little blue, have some soup. If you are feeling cold and tired, have some soup. If you are hungry, have some soup. But if you just want to feel good, have some chicken soup.

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