Be Of Service

Image from Pexels

It is President’s Day in the US, a day to honor our Presidents and a holiday for many of us. It is also a day for Macy’s to have a fabulous sale, so hang with me a bit and you can check that ad after you read this.

A President, along with anyone else working in government, is a Public Servant. The role of the Public Servant is to act in the best interests of the citizens, and not in one’s own best interest. A Public Servant should be concerned with policies and programs that serve and protect the majority, and not just deals and actions that benefit them or make them more money. Twisting policies to hide their actions is unethical and immoral. Decision-making involves protecting citizens, even from each other, and should benefit the greater good. Any decision-maker is not likely to make everyone happy, but the majority of all involved – All, not just a select few. I think there should be a sign in the Oval Office that reads “Act for the Highest Good of All Involved”.

Our presidential history has been interesting: duels, adultery, conspiracies and plenty of scandalous behavior, not all of it fitting for someone guiding our country. There have been stellar servants, bringing many beneficial programs and services to our country. Some were weak, some tyrannical, some too nice and the occasional eight-year-old brat. With the advent of social media, the good and bad behavior is now available for everyone’s entertainment.

Many hopefuls are now running down the campaign trail to the Presidential election. Thanks to social media, we get a front row seat to the drama. Yes, I call it drama. How would you act if you were traveling for weeks on end, a variety of planes-trains-and-automobiles, away from your family and home, sleeping and eating on the run, meeting thousands of people, talking about what matters to you, all in the effort of getting someone to vote for you. Wouldn’t you be a little crabby and sometimes say something stupid?

Campaigning is not for the weak. I think it is best to turn off all those ads and rallies and study the history of what those candidates have done in service. Take a closer look at what they have accomplished in their tenure. You want the one that gets sh*t done, and not just babbles a bunch of bullsh*t. Consider it like hiring a new employee. You read their resume, hold interviews and check references. Check those references closely and listen to what they say. You want the person that has the skills, personality and gets sh*t done, or you get nothing.

It is time for all of us to be in service by performing our due diligence and choosing someone we want to honor on this President’s Day.

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