I Can See Clearly Now

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

This morning I have my annual eye exam. It is a lengthy process with fittings for both glasses and contact lens. I have a cornea condition that necessitates scleral lens for my best vision. Fitting them is complicated and usually takes 3-4 sets before we land on the pair that is the most comfortable. If you wear them, you understand. If you don’t, imagine placing a rigid plastic lens the size of a nickel in your eye. They require special little tools, like a miniature toilet plunger, to get them in and out. Yes, a lot of work, but the vision I get makes them worth the effort. I also cannot see well in the dark, and dim light is marginal. These lens squeeze out just a tiny bit more night vision, but driving is still to be avoided. When they itch and burn at the end of the day, and I want to toss them across the room, I remind myself that this is much easier than missing a limb or toting around a lung like my Arizona friends.

Such are the challenges of life.

The benefit, if you will, is that I’ve developed my “other” sight to a much greater extent. This is known as “clairvoyance”, the ability to see beyond the physical sense. In my mind’s eye, I can see and sense energetic connections. It is difficult to explain, other than those intuitive feelings you get about someone or something. Ever stand next to someone who gives you the creeps? That’s what I’m talking about. Using this ability makes up for the gaps in my physical sight. It is especially useful when I’m driving. I know when someone wants to change lanes before they put on their blinker, assuming they have one of course. I can feel the tension in the air and stay in the slow lane to avoid the late-for-work tailgaters.

I can sense when someone is lying to me or trying to use me for something. I’ve started projects at work and then gotten a phone call from someone asking me for the information. No, I don’t know the numbers for the lottery, but I might know when it’s a good time to make an investment – like our house. I’m not always on point, especially when I’m tired or hungry. And sometimes I just don’t want to know or feel and just turn it down. It is definitely an ability to develop, because it can make your life easier.

Just wish I could restore my physical sight.

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