The Winners of the World

Image by AxxLC from Pixabay

It is Sunday, which means football, which means that – once again – I am writing a football inspired article. Why? Well, I like watching the sport, but there is just so much inspiration to be found in such a hard-driven game.

There are, of course, winners and losers in each game and each season. There has to be; that’s why it is a competitive game. No one would watch otherwise.

What makes a Loser? And why would I start with that? Because it is too easy to talk about a Winner. A Loser can happen for various reasons. Not feeling good enough comes to mind first. A Winner can feel that way too, and so pushes themselves that much harder. That isn’t so bad, unless the endless quest pushes you into a nervous breakdown or serious injury. You can have an off day or feel ill, which could make you a Loser for that day. That could make you a Winner if you realize that sometimes you need to rest and recover instead of pushing yourself harder.

You could have a bad rapport with your mentor or coach, so you make a bad decision based upon bad direction. If you can adapt or resolve the situation, you become a Winner. Sometimes choosing to leave the situation altogether can be winning.

A true Winner knows how to change their circumstances through the power of choice. A Loser believes they have no choice. Not choosing at all is still a choice. Even if you are part of a team, and your team is experiencing a loss, you still have a choice to be a Winner. You played your best; you did your best work; you did something that made you feel good about yourself – makes you a Winner.

So get out there and kick some a$s, even if it is just your own.

2 thoughts on “The Winners of the World

  1. So very well said. I wish more people would understand losing. I think trying is so much more important than not trying at all. I am speaking about myself when I say this. You quoted one of my favorite quotes. I always think of the band Rush and the song Freewill when I say ” When you choose not to decide you still have made a choice”. Love that album. Love your post as usual.


    1. After I posted this, I wondered if anyone would understand what I was saying. And you did. And you thought of the Rush song – so true. I was thinking of the Steely Dan song “Deacon Blues” lyrics for this post’s title and the football reference of “they call Alabama the Crimson Tide”. Funny, but I looked up the song afterwards and it is about Losers. BTW, I’m sorry to say that the Broncos shut out the Titans 16-0.


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