Mercury Retro-Gasp!

god-1293818_1280The blue screen of death just appeared on your computer. Your phone went dead for no reason. You lopped your hair off in a mad rant. The contract on your home has so many contingencies it will take a team of lawyers to decipher it. Your flight home just got delayed, which means you’ll miss your connecting flight and there isn’t another for two days. WTF.

Hello, boys and girls, Mercury in Retrograde has arrived. That cute little Messenger planet makes its periodic Michael-Jackson-Moonwalk around the sun, wreaking havoc on electronics, travel, contracts and communication.

Accidentally hit “Send” on that ranting email? Oops. You might want to follow up with an apology phone call. Or not. Exes have a habit of showing up during retrograde. Some things just shouldn’t be recycled.

Think this is all a load of bullsh*t? Au contraire, my friend, I’ve personally witnessed too many events to doubt its ability to screw things up. One trip to the Caribbean netted a bunch of Mercury meddling. A delayed flight. Landing a rainstorm. Room mix-up. And to cap it off, my phone died a mysterious death on arrival. Good thing there was plenty of rum at the bar. It ended up being a great trip just because we laughed and made the best of it.

Taking a chill pill is the best way to work through this cycle. This current one goes through July 31st, so plan on kicking back and enjoying the moment. Mercury’s gift is the ability to slooooow things down and since retrograde starts with “re”, think about all the words that do the same. Starting with Relax. It’s also a good time to clean up your sh*t too. Think recycle, repurpose, renew, hell even rent!

Take care of your electronics. Back up your computer and your phone contacts. Even get a service check-up on your car. Hey, its got electronics too! Mind your stuff so you don’t lose something important.

Don’t sign any contracts during retrograde unless you started the process, like a house purchase PRIOR to this cycle. Still, it is important to read all the fine print and make sure all the details are seen to. Don’t skip the inspection either. It’s not a good idea to buy a car or any other electronics during this cycle.

And for Gods Sakes, DO NOT in a fit of mad or any other emotional disaster, lob your hair off, get a tattoo or any other body changing process during a retrograde. Remember how long it took to grow out the last time?

4 thoughts on “Mercury Retro-Gasp!

  1. WOW!!! So that’s what it is. I am not kidding you and it’s not all electrical but this happened last Wednesday. I woke up and my phone charger was showing some bald wires, I went to the closet to get electrical tape and when I opened the door the door came off the hinges. I had to prop it shut. I went upstairs and turned on the light in my closet and both bulbs blew. I touched a rack of clothes and the entire rack broke and about 50 items came crashing down. I was almost afraid to drive to work. Now it makes sense. Yes I think I will just relax and restore and restart. Thanks for sharing that and yes I totally believe in it.


    1. Oh my, you got it big time! The week before (and after) is called the “shadow period” and is usually the worst. I bet you were cussing as good as I do. LOL To top it off, last Tuesday was an eclipse – in the sign of Cancer, which is all about home and family. Time for repair, although I would use it as an excuse to redecorate. Mercury usually only affects things – yay! I’ve said that I would like to launch a missile and blow the planet up, but I’m such a perfectionist that I’d hit it dead on, create a black hole that would suck the Earth right into it and shake up the galaxy. Oops. Yep, time to relax.
      PS. I really enjoy our conversations. If we ever ran into each other at an airport, beach or some such, I’d enjoy sitting and talking with you.

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      1. July is such a crazy work month for me anyway I try not to rock the boat. Yep time to relax and maybe chill with a glass of wine. I really enjoy our conversations as well. I would also enjoy talking with you. Who knows in this crazy universe it may happen someday. I’ll bet if we lived closer we would be friend and not even have to try. Lol. I love your writing. Do you do it everyday or just as things come to you? It’s very profound. I enjoy it so much.


      2. Oddly enough, I put a “friend” request out to the Universe. Someone similar to me, positive & upbeat, balanced give & take, but I must have forgotten the lives-close-by. 🙂 I’m sure the Universe will figure it out.
        I would like to write everyday, but work gets in the way. LOL Once a week is my goal. It’s self-therapy, but my main mission is to offer help to others; that there is often a different way to look at things, and to always love yourself. It’s something I’ve naturally done for a long time, but a blog reaches more people easier. I’m working on a book about “spirituality for people who swear”, ’cause that’s just real – ha! I usually ask the Universe for messages and then I write what comes into my head. Should you want to chat more. . .

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