In Hot Water

broken-1294723_1280My lovely week off is coming to a close and reality returns to work tomorrow. It has been a great week; a nice balance between chores and leisure and what I hope for in retirement. However, there was one small hitch that caused me some anxiety. Our water heater quit working.

I enjoy a nice soak before bedtime. It’s very relaxing and it is nice to go to bed clean. Cold water is not what I had in mind.

Our water heater is only three years old, but has one of those fancy electronic controllers that decides when the water needs heated. It decided to go all stupid and shut itself off. So my Sweetie got to handle that chore and called the manufacturer. They gave him a list of service companies, and he found a guy who was able to arrive in two hours. He was timely and came prepared with a new controller box. As he was checking everything, he discovered a crack in the burner and had to go out and get a new part. He returned quickly, and before long, we heard the telltale sound of the water heater firing up. An hour later and I was blissfully standing in the shower with hot water spraying down. Relief.

As I was reveling in my bliss, I got to thinking how technology has changed home appliances and fixtures. Gone are the days of the furnaces with a burner and blower that lasted for decades. Electronics and their quirkiness routinely require service or replacement and seem to shorten the life of what they are housed in. Rather annoying. Then I thought about the cracked burner. Perhaps the errant controller sensed that all was not well and shut itself down. What seemed an annoyance could possibly have saved our home, if not our lives. You hear those horror stories of the water heater blowing up and shooting through the roof. The time spent dealing with the service call could have been time spent in the hospital.

So the next time some electronic device puts a hitch in my day, I’ll take a moment to be thankful that I’m not standing in hot water.

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