Rainy Days and Mondays

rain-84648_1920“Always get me down.” (The Carpenters, 1971) It’s been raining a lot, for the middle of May. Yes, I know some of you have been getting snow and I certainly don’t envy that. We plan on setting up our little pool next weekend and I’m wondering if we might get frostbite. Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be stormy, just a dandy way to start the work week. Sigh.

The weather is always volatile this time of year. The planet is making its bi-annual tilt from winter to summer (or the opposite for the southern hemisphere). I realize the tilt is an ongoing shift, but the wild and wacky weather makes it seem as though it is happening within a month. I guess I could liken it to riding down the road, doing 70, in a convertible and without a hat. Mother Nature’s convertible is a little larger and she likes to get a little “showy” with the lightning strikes. Reminding us just who is in charge. I am always grateful to get through Spring without too much of a spanking.

IMG_20190519_132436966 (1)

The rain is certainly good for the garden. I’ve discovered that I really like growing flowers. Their beauty, of course, and just the riotous colors, shapes and sizes. With each bud, a surprise lies inside and you must wait patiently for it to reveal itself to you.

IMG_20190519_132612255 (1)We added to the perennial collection this weekend. A few things didn’t make it through the winter so they needed to be replaced. We also have a dead zone towards the front so instead of trying to suffer through another round, we put in some blocks and raised the bed. Naturally, it had to be filled immediately. I found this bright, candy red, small rosebush that called to me. I haven’t grown roses in, oh probably 15 years. I guessed that little bush was what I needed. The pots and the planters always get annuals and I change them up year-to-year. I could not resist the very fascinating fuschias even though the location might be a bit sunny for them.IMG_20190519_132640740 (1)

I am always excited when the buds appear. Flowers mean I made it through the winter and hot days are ahead. I love the laziness of a hot summer day. I love floating in our little pool. Dinner outside. Cocktails with friends. It’s sort of like recovery after a surgery. It just makes me feel good.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for giving us the rain so that I can appreciate the sun.

3 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Mondays

  1. I do not do well with gloomy weather!
    The sunshine cheers me up, Sunshine makes me happy, but the rain gives me both!
    I need both to prosper.

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  2. Lady we have to be sisters!!! One of my blog posts was also called Rainy Days and Monday’s ha!! I love your garden. Did you place those stones? I am wanting to do a stone pathway behind my house and I just haven’t had the nerve to get started on it.


    1. Finally, my kindred soul sister. 🙂 I just now read your Rainy Days post – ha! We did everything in our front yard. When we bought the house it was grass, a tree and 3 shrubs surrounded by bark, and rocks by the front window. We dug up all the grass, planted the flowers, ran an irrigation system, built the planters, fence and the big red hoop (which you can see in my post Opportunities & Boundaries). A lot of work in 3 years, but oh-so-happy! The stones are hard work; the weight and the levelling. Be sure to get some sand to set them in. Makes it a lot easier to get them level. Today, my beautiful flowers have a coating of snow. 😦 Not normal for Denver this time of year so I hope they recover.


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