Soooper Bowl Sunday!

football-3814958_1920It is almost Kickoff time and by now, most people are drunk, stuffed with food or wide-awake and ready for the game.  Whether you are rooting for the Rams, the Patriots, or the “ahem” Saints (sorry guys) a fun time is sure to be had by all.

Remember boys and girls, it is a game to entertain you this afternoon and not something worth driving your car off a cliff for.

They say traffic is especially bad after a Sunday football game loss.  People get way caught up in the NFL, and why not?  It is millions of dollars of revenue for many companies.  Do you think about buying Budweiser when you see a cute Clydesdale colt romping around?  Or do you develop a taste for Doritos?  Whatever your pleasure or poison, the advertising will have you thinking about a purchase.

And then there is the legendary “star”-studded (you sure that was a malfunction?) half-time entertainment.  I doubt anyone will forget the beautiful purple rain of Prince.  R.I.P.

What is it about the Super Bowl that compels us so?  Aside from just sports fans, I think it is fun and excitement in the midst of winter.  If you can’t afford a beach getaway, a championship football game is one way to take your mind off artic weather and piles of snow.  Although it is 61 degrees in Denver today.

Maybe you don’t care about football at all.  Okay.  Maybe you are stuck at work and hope for a few moments to check the score.  Maybe you got carried away and put down a bet (make sure it is legal) and are worried that you might not have enough to pay the rent.  Shame, shame, fun stuff always comes AFTER necessities.

How ever you are spending the day, just remember that winning always comes from putting in the time and effort and the belief in yourself.  Go team!

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