Happy Blogging Birthday!

birthday-236042_1920I posted my first article one year ago today.  I started it as something to ease into retirement, and like many things, it morphed into something more.  It has been a fantastic platform of self-healing and coaching, aside from the creative expression.  I’m grateful to all of you who have read, followed and liked my articles.  I hope all of that continues to grow.

I draw my inspiration from daily life with connections to personal experience.  Your likes and comments show me what resonates with you.  It’s not just a blog about me, you see.  I have a calling towards coaching and guiding so I hope to make a difference or at least a small influence in your life.  Those small bits of magic bring much-needed light to the world.  As nutty as it is right now, we need every spark we can get.

So thank you and I hope you continue to hang with me as we move forward in this journey called life.  Or to put it in my oft-used voice: F*ckin’ A!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Blogging Birthday!

  1. Thank you Lorrie! Love your nature & Love all you have opened my eyes too!
    You have revived the whole me with your wise words! Even the “lose”words give me a power of confidence I have lost along the way!


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