Techno Trash

password-222331_640The saga of the crashed computer and lifeless Seagate continues.  After recovering the black box of death, I have continued to leave it unplugged until I feel that restoration is complete.  I have been digging through the 10,000 files.  Don’t laugh, you might be there too and will need a sympathy pat on the head.  Or sympathy shot of tequila.  Or whatever.

There were quite a few techy files, like the FAT tables and such, that I vaguely understand but am doing nothing with.  I wouldn’t know what to do with them even if I did understand what they were.  I worked my way through the documents and pdfs and it appears that I am missing some so I will have to run the magic recovery tool again.  Got the music files sorted out and then moved on to the photos.

Head-scratching time.

Most of the photos were replicated 2 to 4 times.  I have a lot of travel photos so that explains the 10,000 files.  Oh. Dear. God.  I picked through some of them and realized that might take a decade.  Then I discovered that I could sort the recovered files by date created.  Ahh!  Then I made folders by year and month and dumped them into each folder.  I was wise enough to label my original folders by destination, month and year and they are not very extensive.  So I have been viewing each of the month/year folders, sorting them by date created and deleting the duplicates.  And triplicates.  And quadruplicates – or whatever.  Once I get them cleaned up, I dump them back into the original folder.  It is tedious to say the least, but it is better than crying myself sick.  I plan on getting a flash drive to save all my photos as an additional source in case of crashes or push-here-dummy drive deletions.

broken-153601_640And the laptop crashed again.  Sure glad I decided to keep Big Dog Dell.  It recovered much faster this time, but I am puzzled as to why.  Looks like it will need to go visit the geek doctor.  Hopefully said doctor won’t laugh at my sorry tale.

I read in the news about the VPN Filter unleashed upon poor, unsuspecting routers.  To be safe, I unplugged and reset my router.  I don’t know why any of those mean hacker people would bother with my household.  We won’t vote for someone we don’t like.  We have no political influence. Our bank accounts aren’t worth enough to buy a small country or missile.  My internet goes up and down often enough that their hacking efforts would be wasted.  Hard to say if any of this has anything to do with my laptop, but the geek doctor can figure that out.

I miss good old-fashioned printed photos, but they take up space and can get lost too.  Technology is a useful tool, but it is not infallible.  The reality is that nothing really lasts forever.  Our human bodies give out and we pass on, leaving behind a bunch of photos or music that no one likes and stuff to haul to the landfill.  Enjoy and cherish the moments.  Live well and live happily.  Enjoy your stuff for you alone and not what you might leave for someone else.

But remember to back-up your computer.  You never know who might be hacking.

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