Let’s Talk Chakras – Part Four – The Heart Chakra

heart-2533104_640This is the fourth in a series about our energy body that consists of Chakras. Chakra means “wheel” or “vortex”. We each have seven of them located along the spine, from the base up to the crown of your head. There is an additional one located slightly above the top of your head. Chakras are funnel-shaped, spin in a clockwise circle, and you have one on the front of you that draws in energy and one on the back that gives out energy. It is beneficial to you to keep them spinning and have a balance of flow in and out.

The Heart. The center of your chakra system that connects the lower three – earth based chakras – to the upper three – spirit based chakras. It is located in the center of your chest at the base of your ribcage. It vibrates to the color green in the light spectrum. A healthy one is like a bright, shining emerald. Physically, it relates to your heart and your lungs. Issues in these areas typically mean a blocked heart chakra. Practice opening your heart and allowing yourself to feel your emotions. This is the most healthy thing you can do, for not only your heart chakra, but your entire emotional system.

The Heart Chakra balances your entire energy body and is the most powerful of all the chakras. When your heart is functioning properly, everything else will be able to flow smoothly. Opening your heart is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. And it begins with loving yourself. When you love yourself completely, nothing that anyone can do to you can penetrate this energy. Self-love is being able to love yourself unconditionally and no one can change that. Unless you let them.

Look in the mirror. See all the parts that make you You. Love them. There is always something good about you to love. You are a precious child of the Divine Energy that created you, so how can you say you are not lovable? Hug yourself. Thank yourself for being a wonderful human being. Tell yourself that you are beautiful every day. Take good care of your body. Feed your soul with things you love to do. Give yourself a little break every day just to be kind to your body, mind and soul.

Your Heart is a precious thing, after all.

It is important to keep your chakras clean and spinning in a clockwise direction. A regular practice of meditation, with a focus on re-balancing your chakras, is the best method of keeping them healthy.

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