Tell Me Something Good

a-3308712_640Our local classic rock station just started a weekly segment by this same name. Their purpose was to dispel some of the negativity that is so pervasive everywhere. There is so much anger, hate, violence and just downright meanness that it is very difficult to come up with something good.

Has the entire planet gone bat-sh*t crazy?!

Nothing quite like the media to hype everything up, but it seems like the only thing we have to cheer us up is daffodils blooming. And we know how long those last. So many things are being revealed on a daily basis. Me Too, school shootings, missile attacks, child abuse and fatalities, homeless people, opioid crisis. . .when does it stop?

Think of it this way: evening rolls around and the sun dips below the horizon and it is nighttime. Dark. The darkness can feel like a very scary time to many people. I guess that is why we go to sleep. A time to rest and clear our minds. To let go of the difficulties of the day and dream of peaceful times. Nighttime is for healing. Your body knows how to rejuvenate itself. When we are rested, we wake up and usually the sun is coming up. We are back to light. The sun always comes up. The Light always returns. The sun shines, trees grow, flowers blossom, nature feeds itself and so do we.

These dark and difficult times are necessary. What if all those things we hear about had stayed hidden? And grew and grew. How awful could it become? Horrible things must be revealed so that they can be changed, fixed, healed and reborn into something new and better.

Can you imagine what the world will be like when people feel safe, sheltered, fed and cared for? How will you feel? What if you could send your children or grandchildren off to school and see the excitement in their faces instead of worry and fear? What if a bar of chocolate replaced opioids, kind of like chocolate frogs in Harry Potter? (and they didn’t make us fat) What if you could have Christmas packages sitting on your front porch until you got home?

christmas-2411764_640There are no easy answers to any of these questions. How can you answer “tell me something good”? By changing your focus. They say it takes fewer muscles to frown than it does to smile. Really?! Well, then bend over. You’ll get a head rush in the process so you’ll feel giddy. That will cause you to laugh and then you’ll think of something funny. Maybe when you bend over you’ll bust the seam on your pants and you’ll get the giggles. Then you’ll look in your closet and find one of those “Men”, as I’ve written of, and you’ll preen in the mirror a bit. Some killer shoes and the next thing you know you’ll be strutting out the door and off to do something. Someone will catch your smile and return it. Their day will be brightened and someone else will benefit. And it goes on and on like an amoeba. All because you blew out your pants.

It doesn’t take some big “thing” to change your focus from bad things to something good. It doesn’t cost money. It doesn’t take much time. It doesn’t hurt.

It just takes a smile. So tell me something good.

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