Spring Fever

grass-3249879_640Happy, yellow faces of daffodils are poking out everywhere. Trees are developing buds. Tulips are pushing upwards from the dead, brown turf. Nest sitting birds are chirping. New life is working its way up from the dormant earth to create beauty and welcome to warm weather.

Spring can be volatile in Colorado. You don’t know from one day (hell, one minute!) to the next what weather you will experience. We’ve had some 70 degree days this March, but it’s not out of the question to get a heavy, wet snowstorm in May. Last May, we had a record-setting hailstorm that had auto dealerships in tears and closed Colorado Mills Mall for months.

Springtime has always been emotionally difficult for me. It’s quite often a time when I want to make a severe change. I don’t usually, but I’m literally itching out of my skin. I can only guess that because I am an empath, all of nature’s renewal puts out such powerful energy that I am affected by that.

Or maybe it is just Spring Fever.

I can’t wait for all my flowers to show their faces. We spent an enormous amount of time transforming the front yard from grass to colorful beauty. Last summer just knocked our socks off with all the growth. Just sitting outside looking at it all was so peaceful and relaxing. We added quite a few new things last fall so I can’t wait to see what they will do. Got some black tulips in the bunch so I’m really looking forward to them.

DSCN1476Springtime is for planting, whether it is for actual seeds or bold, new ideas. It is the time to set your intentions of what you would like to see in your life. It is a time of hope, and certainly a time of change. But something will grow, whether you plan it or not. If you didn’t do anything to your yard, nature will do it for you. Her definition of beauty might not be the same as yours. She is just as happy to give you a weed bed. Life can also give you a weed bed if you don’t tend to it properly.

So what are you going to plant in the garden of life this spring? Me? I’m planting flowers.

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