St. Party’s Day

st-patricks-day-3217991_640I have a bit of a headache. On the “Wearin’ of the Green” day, we joined the throngs of other people to troll a neighborhood of restaurants, bars and boutiques. We started off with Mexican. Margaritas are green, you know. I had one along with chips and queso to slow it down.

We wandered. I shopped. Wandered some more and ended up in a pub with great Irish music. All Irish music is great, in case you were wondering. The pub had some drink specials, one of them being a mix of Bailey’s and Jamesons. No bigger than a shot a piece. I had two of those, sipped slowly.

We wandered some more. I shopped some more. I wasn’t all that tipsy so why the headache? I don’t drink much and maybe the shots were more powerful than I thought. Maybe it’s the mixture as people often say. Or it could be just the weather, as it’s been nice and now rain/snow is coming in this afternoon.

green-beer-2103313_640Is the alcohol to blame for my headache? I’m just not sure. There are so many varied opinions about alcohol that I don’t even know what to believe.

For instance, alcohol abuse. Shouldn’t it be called alcohol overuse? I mean, it’s not like you beat it with your fist or something. Too much drinking makes you stink. Too much makes you feel like the cat box or that you groomed yourself like a cat. Too much of anything isn’t good for you so it stands to reason that you shouldn’t overuse it.

Then there is the theory that a little bit is good for your heart. Does anyone really know what IS good for your heart? You often hear about those 90-100 year olds having their daily dose of booze as their key to living longer. I just think those people have a good attitude.

I’m very certain that I don’t know the right or wrong of alcohol. It gets people out together to have fun, relax and occasionally do something silly. Like wearing little green plastic hats. With sparkly shamrocks on their cheeks. And a T-shirt that says “Kiss Me, I’m Irish”.

None of which, I’m sure, was what Saint Patrick had in mind.

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