Hang Ten

surfer-2212948_640Ten toes gripping the edge of smooth, rounded wood.  Water rolling beneath you as you shift and sway to maintain your balance.  The water swells, carrying you up on the wave, riding the surf, controlling the board on so much power you feel as though you Are the water.  Then gradually it lessens, smoothes out and you glide towards the shore.

I guess I still have Hawaii on the brain since I’m writing about surfing. I didn’t try it, nor have I ever, too much water in the face for me.  I’m using it as a metaphor for life balancing.  There is a great amount of turmoil in the world; a little hard to keep up with, much less tolerate.  Even in my little world, it feels like waves slamming into me.  It hasn’t swamped me, but I’m feeling a little worn and frazzled.

surfer-863730_640My work life is a bit crazed.  We have new management, new leadership after a few months of slightly controlled chaos.  I equate it to someone left the gate to the zoo open and the monkeys got in with the giraffes.  Not a pretty picture.  I manage the money and there has been quite a bit of wanting lately.  No is not a popular word, but necessary at times.

girl-2660772_640Riding the waves of life can bring a lot of stress – to your mind and your body.  Occasionally, you will have a meltdown.  It’s okay, it releases built-up stress.  Some level of stress can be good as it propels you upward and onward with determination to conquer whatever it is you are tackling.  Like that big wave.  And when you do – Woohoo! – the rush of power makes you a little dizzy.  In a good way.

So when the waves coming crashing: Hang Ten, maintain your balance and ride it out.  There’s a margarita waiting for you on the beach.surfing-926822_640

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