Let It Go

I’ve been seeing this theme a lot lately, which in my world means that the Universe is trying to get my attention. We know this phrase from the song. (I confess I’ve never seen the movie.) Interesting lyrics, though.fist-681847_1920

Let it go can mean many different things, but mainly to “release your grip” on something or someone. Holding on too tightly or just holding on to something that doesn’t serve you. It is all about preventing something from happening.

In Manifestation [my message from the Universe] is that you have to let go in order for the manifestation to take place. You have to trust that it will happen. Just like you trust that seeds will sprout when you plant them. Going with the seed theme; you do a lot of prep work to create fertile ground. Then you carefully tuck them into the moist dirt and cover them up. And then you leave them be until you start to see sprouts a couple of weeks later. You never go back and poke in the dirt to see if they’ve sprouted – you TRUST that they will. You just know it.

Such is the way with manifesting. You know what you want to create. You do the prep work to create the fertile ground to build your dream. You take action steps that are like planting a seed. And then you let it go so it can sprout. Yes, you need to tend to the sprouts, maybe stake them up and do similar actions with your creation. But still, you must let it go to give the Universe the opportunity to grow it bigger and better than you imagine. Your brain is like a pin dot compared to that of the Universe so why wouldn’t you let it take over and guide you?

Practice what thy preach, I say. SIGH. I’ve had a kung-fu grip (remember the GI Joe doll?) on a current dream, because I am anxiously ready for it to materialize. I had to peel open my fingers just to type this post. That should have been my first clue. So my next action step is to find something else to occupy the brain space that is obsessing over this. Time to dream up a bunch of new posts.

Let it go, let it go, let it go! Or is that snow out there?

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