It’s Another Tequila Sunrise

sunriseWinter sunrises are beautiful in Denver. Rich reds, vibrant oranges, deep yellows all flowing into a clear azure sky with edges of teal. It is a treat to be able to look out the window at the dawning of a new day.

Sunrises are the Universe’s way of telling you that each day is a new beginning. You wake up rested [hopefully] and your eyes are filled with color. This colored light goes deep into your cellular level and stimulates the energy system. The colors of the morning sky relate to the “earth-based” chakras.

Red to activate the Root chakra, reminding you that you are grounded to Mother Earth and are safe in her arms. Orange to awaken the sacral chakra, your center of creativity and emotions. As the orange deepens in the sky, your emotions are balanced and any that don’t serve you can be released to Mother Earth for healing. Yellow for the Solar Plexus chakra, reminding you that you own your power. As the colors move into green, so does your energy move up into the Heart Chakra, opening you to love and connection. And then to blue, the Throat chakra, giving you the ability to speak your truth, needs and wants. As the day continues to open, the energy moves up into the Third Eye and Crown chakras to connect you with your Higher Self and ultimately the Universe.

Nature serves to remind you of your Divine being.

This morning, January 31st, Nature gave us an additional show in the form of the Super Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse. I had the pleasure of watching the eclipse as I enjoyed my breakfast. The path of the Moon teaches us to manifest and release. We let go of what does not serve us in order to make room for what serves us better. If we set those intentions, life works for us instead of against us. This morning’s show kicks that power up to supersonic. If you haven’t yet set your intentions, there is still time all through the day. Give them up to the Universe to fulfill in a way that is better than you can imagine.

When you wish upon a star. . . or a Super Blood Moon.

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