The Urban Life

cranesDenver is growing by leaps and bounds and green-growing.marijuana-2766343_640 

(Sorry Mr. A.G., but the economy is tremendous because of it – we’re talking billions.  Can’t stand the stuff myself.  Not to get off on a tangent.) 

However, when I look out my window towards downtown I see cranes.  Lots of cranes.  And I’m not talking those spindly legged things with wings.  Buildings are being created with room for many people to live.

People are moving to Denver like crazy.  (Tangent again, but it’s because of GREEN.)  The down side of a great economy is high housing costs and that makes it difficult for many – young, old and in-between.  Oh, but many old neighborhoods are being revitalized.  You’ll see a completely modern three-story structure next to an 1800’s Victorian or a Craftsman bungalow and a mid-century modern ranch.  Absolute beauty in the contrast.  And what’s even more beautiful is a coffee shop and a restaurant right around the corner that you can walk to.  Neighborhood gathering places filled with people eating, drinking, laughing and sharing with friends.

I love the Urban Life for all these things.

Some will say too busy.  Others, too much traffic – that much is true.  But in and amongst the noise and the people and the cars are acres of parks and flowers and even lakes.  I can see a lake right out my back windows.  It’s almost across the street and it’s huge.  It takes nearly an hour to walk around it.  There are ducks and geese and muskrats and maybe even a Nessie.  Although that’s probably just a tree branch.  I like to pretend it is Nessie.

We used to live in “Outer Suburbia”.  And we were bored to death.  Many people like that kind of living and I’m glad that they do.  It’s perfect for kids and dogs and playing hockey in the street.  Just not my cup of tea.  I’d rather walk down to the corner and have a cup of tea with the neighbors.

Or cross the street and sit by the lake and watch a new building grow up.

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