Visions of Sugar Plums

zimtstern-3012712_1920What are Sugar Plums anyway?  Oval-shaped, sugar-coated candies usually with something inside.  Peanut M&Ms maybe?  This time of year they are in abundance.

I’ve been indulging a bit in sugar plums, well to be honest, cookies and a little bread. Kind of on the level of “breaking bad”.  And learned some new reasons why I quit eating them.  SIGH.  I’ll get to that in a bit.  Earlier this year, I decided to quit eating wheat.  Just a personal decision fueled by my readings about Frankenwheat, my term for genetically modified grains.  A little frightening, really.  Can we just have some real earth-produced food without a bunch of chemicals?

And then there is SUGAR, the main ingredient in sugar plums.  Oh how we can’t live without it.  More addictive than Meth, I’m thinking.  But again, how did we go from a cane sugar plant to melting corn into fructose?  I know we all have to die someday, but I’d like it to be from natural causes and not some chemical-driven un-named illness that makes my joints hurt and my tongue swell.  And requires a bunch of new chemicals to “fix it”.

What I have now learned is that first of all, I got “puffy”.  Not Pillsbury Dough Boy puffy, but more like a down coat.  My understanding is that wheat and sugar hold toxins in your cells.  Ewww.  Secondly, my joints hurt like a low-grade virus or arthritis.  Hmm, not liking that at all.  But the most notable side effect of the return to wheat is: note this older ladies – NUCLEAR HOT FLASHES.  I never made the correlation to this when I quit eating wheat, but they really lessened for me – enough to quit taking herbal supplements. And now with my cookie overdose, flames burning off my skin.  Time to ditch the grains and get back to eating veggies, fruits and good fats.

Wonder if you can make an avocado cookie?


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