all-703515_1920What mighty sh*tstorm is brewing these days? Too many people seem to be losing their minds or running amok. Or they have been running amok and finally got caught. Wild weather. Fires. Threats of nuclear missiles. Even the planets are squaring off and casting soul-eyed stares and glares at each other. If they aren’t facing off like hockey players, they’re cozying up like kittens.


It is time, people. The swamp is full and the gators and snakes have nowhere to go. Pull on your rubber boots and gloves, tighten up your belts and suck it up ‘cause Change has come.

No more ignoring the manure pile. No more tilling the compost heap. It is time to shovel the sh*t and plant your garden.DSCN1506

Yes, this is all necessary if we want better lives and a better world.

Start by looking within yourself. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing and focus your eyes within. What sh*t pile do you need to clean up? What have you been holding back? What have you been denying yourself? What do you want your future to look like?

Now is the time to plant the seeds. Set your intentions of what you want your life to look like. Make a list of steps to achieve your goals. Carve out time each day to take action – even if it is just fifteen minutes. Every action step you take with positive intent moves you towards your goal. And the bonus is that positive intent radiates outward (yah, more powerful than that ridiculous ICBM) and streaks around the globe affecting everyone in its path. Think about the cosmic effect it would cause if multitudes of people were doing the same thing.

How does your garden GL(R)OW?!!!!

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