Amazon: Star Trek Fan Collective – Klingon2001 (DVD)
Remember Klingons?  The warrior race on Star Trek that Captain Kirk battled with and then later evolved as crew with Captain Piccard.  Seriously tough beings.  I think they are now disguised as hockey players.

The other Kling-Ons are also known to you.  Those toxic people that suck the life and energy out of you with their constant problems.  The ones they never want solved. They show up as family members: “what are WE going to do about Mom?”  WE means YOU.  And you get the excuses: “you live closer”, “I have to work” and the clincher: “you are soooo capable”.  You’ll recognize them in your friends.  The ones that call you all the time, keeping you up half the night, complaining about their husband or boyfriend, their kids, their job or whatever. And when you offer up a suggestion, their response is usually “you just don’t care about me”.  And then there is that coworker (or several), who are always SO overwhelmed yet always manage to take a day off every other week.

These people are energy vampires.  Their skill is seeking out kind, helpful souls upon whom they can pour out their problems.  Once they start, they literally sink an energy tube into you and begin draining your time, energy and sometimes money.  Got a chronic pain that won’t go away?  Does it get worse after you are in contact with a toxic person?  That’s where the tube is attached.  You have to stop the feeding frenzy.

The good news is that these energy tubes can be removed.  A wonderful, magical, metaphysical tool is using your hands as a sword.  Move your hands up and down and all around your body, envisioning them as a sword cutting away all those energy sucking tubes.  Slicing them right off.  And NO, you won’t cut off the important ones such as your connection to the Creator or the loving ones connecting you to your children or partner.  Love energy cannot be removed.  Once you have sliced and diced, take a deep breath and see how you feel.  You should feel lighter and your energy should be returning.  If you still have an ache, slice at that area until it feels released.  If you have dealt with that person for many years, those cords get very thick and take a few whacks to get rid of them.

Do not be surprised if you hear from that person in a very short period of time.  They can energetically feel that you have cut them off.  Do not answer the phone, text or email.  If possible, go for a walk, take a bath or shower, or paint the living room to keep your hands away from that device.  They can WAIT.  You need to take care of yourself.  Practice saying “No” so when they call with another demand you can say you are too busy.

And you will be, because you are going to start watching every episode of Star Trek and Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before. . .into your drama-free life.

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