Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution

AC/DC sang it best. I am a long-time rock-n-roller and have been to many concerts, including AC/DC which was blistering loud. Back then, hearing protectors were not on the play list. Little did we know they should have[1]

R.I.P   Malcom Young   (January 6, 1953 – November 18, 2017)
Album: Highway To Hell, Albert/Atlantic Records, July 27, 1979

Lately I have noticed that sometimes it is difficult to hear things. If there is background noise, speaking voices sound mumbled. Maybe you have experienced this too. I know that as we grow older our body parts start to show wear. Not unlike the engine parts of your retro muscle car.

The miracle of modern medicine has made it possible for the repair and even replacement of our worn parts. However, that does not mean you should go all slovenly with your health. You are also a retro muscle car. Driving them keeps the engine well-functioning just like exercise does for your engine. Change your fluids (drink water). New tires (any excuse to buy shoes!). Maybe some body work if you have “dents”. And if you need to, go get your hearing checked. There is no shame in wearing hearing aids; you can’t even see some of the new ones.

And when you get ready to rock the house down with some great tunes on the stereo, wear your hearing protection. After all, rock’n’roll doesn’t do sign language.

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