Authenticity Part III – Grow A Pair

It takes a great amount of courage to step into your authentic self.  Especially if this is out of your “normal” way.  Your Ego immediately kicks in.  It drags its nasty self out from behind your head and parks itself on your shoulder.  And the dialogue begins.  “What makes you think you’re so special?”  “Why do you think anyone would be interested in You or what you have to Say?”  “You aren’t capable of doing that.”

SIGH.  Don’t give in to it.  You gotta tell the b*tch to shut up, grab it off your shoulder and stick it behind your ear.  Keep going, because nothing wonderful ever happened if you let your Ego rule the show.  It is all about your happiness and not the Ego’s things could be fulfilling a long-ago wish.  When I was a teenager, a bunch of schoolmates went around with their 35mm cameras taking photos of everything.  I wanted to be one of them, but wasn’t given the opportunity.  But now, I just bought a really nice camera and can’t wait to take it to the streets and capture real life.  My fashion shoots have also been a dream fulfilled.  My college years included modeling and a professional photo shoot, which I also didn’t get to do.  (I knew modeling wasn’t a reality – I’m 5’1″ – and okay with that.)  Still, if it is something you are meant to do your other Inner Voice will continue with a subtle, persistent nagging.  So just do it!

It also takes a great amount of courage to put yourself out on social media or in some other way in the public eye.  I don’t have a Facebook account, but there are people I follow.  I have heard of the “trolls” that hang out there and write nasty stuff.  No Sh*t!!  Trolls might be too gentle a word.  A$$-ripping T-Rexs might be more accurate.  Good grief, people, if you don’t like the site – why are you there??!

To be fair, I have not experienced any of this here.  I am very thankful to those of you who have been reading and following my posts.  You all have actually Liked them!

Being authentic and stepping out there does not require anyone’s approval or opinion, it is all about doing something that pleases your soul.  You need to ignore the negativity – it’s not about you, it’s about them.  However, when you have the support of someone it sure is easier.  My sweetie doesn’t read my ramblings, but he supports what I am doing and he has been my photographer.  We’re having fun too.

So be brave, get out there and please your soul.  And support each other.   Rock on!

2 thoughts on “Authenticity Part III – Grow A Pair

    1. Thank you again for the reply. I will check out the book. Stepping out of the old norm takes a great deal of courage – and commitment – but is very freeing. It is also validation that I HAVE released those old ways. Now I just want to share and hopefully inspire others that it is possible. Blessings to you!


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