Alter Ego


Happy Halloween!  And some of its other names: Samhain, Day of The Dead, All Hallows Eve, Eve of The Saints.  Halloween has long been an American holiday consisting of masks and costumes and an overdose of sugar.  There is something quite fun and interesting about covering – or uncovering for some – yourself with a costume.

It is a time where we shed our outer shell and often our inhibitions and step into an alter ego.  How many of you felt more free and relaxed under a mask?  Perhaps this is a time when our real selves are allowed expression.  What if we didn’t need a mask to be our true selves?

Fear of disapproval is usually why we aren’t our authentic selves.  As long as we aren’t letting out our hidden criminal element, why is the real you such a bad thing?  What hidden talents or skills should you be allowing to shine?  When you are your true self and you love that self, then shining it out to the world is like a bright beacon of light.  People are drawn to authenticity.  And who knows what amazing things will come your way.

So let go of that mask.

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