Tribal Right

You have probably heard the expression “Beyond The Pale”.  It relates back to villages and having their boundaries defined by stakes or fences.  If you stepped beyond the pale you were stepping outside acceptable behavior, quite often resulting in being alienated from your village.  And then suffered from the shame of abandonment even if you found another village that accepted your different behavior.fall

Abandonment takes root at the very core of our self.  Loss, shame, unworthiness lurk at the edges of our consciousness and affect every area of our life.  If you want to live your best life, you will need to address these issues.  Abandonment is TRAUMA and possibly Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Find a therapist who specializes in this, and possibly trained in EMDR techniques to help you release this pain.

Trauma buries itself in your psyche and resurfaces every time you encounter a similar situation to the original action.  Long-term re-activation can cause you to develop illnesses and possibly chronic disease.  Do not live your life in pain and loneliness.  Seek out a tribe to regain your sense of belonging.

Women thrive when they have a tribe.  Collectively we become more powerful and can accomplish a great deal.  Being powerful radiates beauty.  Having a positive version of a “do not f*ck with me” attitude actually draws people to you.  It just means that you love and respect yourself.  Who doesn’t want that?

Including the rest of your tribe.

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