Write Us Out of This One, Joan Wilder

Romancing The Stone; 1984; Twentieth Century Fox; USA/Mexico

If you have ever seen the movie “Romancing The Stone” you know that Joan Wilder was a shy, nerdy romance writer turned, well, THE Joan Wilder.  A courageous, beautiful woman who owned her power.  She channeled her emotions and dreams onto the paper and then finally into her own life.

Writing or journaling is a healthy and effective way to release negative emotions.  You can write to yourself, someone else, a thing or a place.  Pour out all the dirt in purple ink.  There is something quite satisfying about grinding F*CK YOU into the paper with a ball point pen.  (Yep, done that.)  It is not recommended, however, to give your notes to someone or leave it lying around.  This is your catharsis and for your eyes only.  Not to mention, it is probably scribbled and even you can’t read it.  The best thing to do is burn it after you’ve unloaded.  While you are watching it go up in flames, imagine that the issues are also going away.  Just don’t burn down the house while you are at it.

Once you have fanned the fires of hell, you can continue writing in a way that becomes productive.  If you are having an issue with someone, practice writing what you would say to them.  Say, not screech.  The better you get at writing, the better you will get at speaking.  Could open up a whole new way of communication with that person, and possibly resolve the issue.

Or better yet, you’ll get an idea for writing a book.  Write us into this one, Joan Wilder.

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