You’re mad again.  Your man just parked his dead ass on the recliner to watch another rerun of Seinfeld, leaving you to clean up dinner and take out the trash.  Why the hell can’t he get up and help you?Mutant_Female_61

Did you ask him?

Women have long made the mistake of assuming that because you are doing work that a man will just pitch in and help.  Get that thought out of your head and the anger out of your heart, because men DO NOT think like women.  Let me repeat: Men.  Do.  Not.  Think.  Like.  Women.

Mutant_Male_31Have you ever watched men working on a street crew?  One guy is digging a hole and three others are standing there watching.  A woman thinks they should all be helping.  Nah, he’s got this and he’ll ask if he needs help.  That is how they think.  If you need or want help you must ASK!

Let me clarify what asking means.  “Can you do this ____ for me?”  To a man, Can You means “are you capable?”  The answer is Yes.  He is capable.  Question answered.  If you want him to take action, you need to say “Will you/Would you do this ___ for me please?”  That will get your man to perform the action.

Oh, don’t roll your eyes.  How many times have you answered “I’m FINE” when he asked “Is everything okay?”

Trust me on this.  You have the power to do this.  When you learn to speak your man’s language, you will have a much happier relationship.  After all, he just wants to please you so he can go back to his Seinfeld rerun.  You know, the one that was the “greatest episode ever!”.


2 thoughts on “ManSpeak

    1. Thank you for nice reply. I’m happy it helped. We are never too old to make positive changes in our life. If you would like more in-depth reading on this topic, try John Gray’s book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”. It’s very enlightening!


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