I Am Too Old To Be Told What To Wear

It saddens me when I see attractive women younger than me dressing frumpy.  Not enough money is not an excuse to neglect your appearance.  Or have they reached some magic age number and decided that since they are “old”, they must look “old”?  What is looking too old anyway?

I do not think we should start buying elastic waist polyester pants because someone else has designated that to be the uniform of an older woman.  There are plenty of really cute and comfortable clothes out there that do not include workout gear.

When you are older you know what looks good on you.  You have been through trends and have defined your style.  Many of the trends have come back around and you know whether they work for you.  And have the sense to know if they still do.  That micro mini from the 60s or the 80s looked hot on you back then, but is just too short for you now even if you have great legs.  And let’s face it NO ONE, outside of the house, looks good in a skirt so short your bare ass is showing.  Unless you’re hooking.  And offering a “try before you buy” deal.purple boots

Do not be afraid to strut into ZARA.  I read that someone stated that you should not shop there if you are over 30.  Really.  Maybe they should not shop there if they are under 30 because they might be too immature to wear really nice clothes.  ZARA has a lot of unique pieces that would look good on many women regardless of their age.

Being older simply means you have defined yourself. You know what you like, you know what looks good on you and you ought to take time to make yourself look the best You possible.  You are certainly capable of getting dressed.  Please do not leave it up to someone else to tell you how.

And by the way, you can wear over-the-knee boots. Keep the heel walkable and your hemline covering the top of the boot and you will look very chic.

Boots:  ZARA aubergine velvet



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